Back In the Saddle

I’ve learned what it’s like to get out of the habit of writ­ing in this blog. For me, at least, just start­ing again has been excru­ci­at­ing.  Part of the prob­lem is the first few paragraphs. I’ve been try­ing to invent a clever, or unique way of resum­ing, but there does­n’t seem to be any­thing I can do that’s nov­el, wit­ty or deliv­ers a sat­is­fac­to­ry expla­na­tion as to why I’ve not added any­thing here since we were on the beach in Hoi An, Viet­nam. I’ve been told that you should nev­er, nev­er apol­o­gize for not hav­ing writ­ten in a blog for quite some time. In fact, some par­tic­u­lar­ly pathet­ic blogs are noth­ing but a series of these ‘O‑I’m-so-sor­ry-I-haven’t-writ­ten-late­ly’ posts. So there, no apologies.

OK, since I’m break­ing a long, awk­ward silence at this table, I’m going to clear my throat and move the con­ver­sa­tion back to you. So, what have you been doing for the past 2 months, dear read­er? Noth­ing much?

With no smi­ley equiv­a­lent of a shrug, I’m just going to pick up with the here and now, and prob­a­bly will fill in some of the details about the past 10 weeks or so in due course.

So, from the here and now front… Today:

The Vandusen Garden Sale

Pam, a friend of ours and I all got up ear­ly this morn­ing and drove down Oak street and parked about a block before the entrance. Before we got out of the car, there were 4–5 cars pulling in behind us along Oak! We got in line, and soon the rain start­ed. About a half hour lat­er, they opened the doors, and we all sloshed in, many folks with wag­ons, carts and bas­kets. For us, this year was herb year. We picked up some sweet basil, Thai basil, Rose­mary, Viet­namese corian­der and thyme. I’ll be cook­ing with most of that, and hope­ful­ly the herbs will grow all sum­mer enough to keep up with my har­vest­ing them. We found out at the check­out that any­thing edi­ble (i.e. herbs) was tax-free! Note: Odd­ly enough, we learned that manure is also tax-free, although I have no idea why.
We were in and out with­in about 2 hours, and Pam is repot­ting some of the plants now. Good times.

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  1. Some­how we always for­get about the Sale. What is the dif­fer­ence between sweet basil and Thai basil?

    I will be look­ing for­ward to your writ­ing, again.

  2. Thanks, Gene. Sweet basil is the sort of basil we are used to hav­ing in Ital­ian food, such as in a Mari­nara sauce, or on a tra­di­tion­al Piz­za Mar­gari­ta. Thai basil is actu­al­ly quite dif­fer­ent, with a licorice/anise kind of flavour. In Pho, the won­der­ful Viet­namese soup that includes chick­en or beef, noo­dles, veg­eta­bles, Thai basil is one of the last sec­ond addi­tions made at the table, along with bean sprouts, fresh­ly-squeezed lime, and hot sauce (if desired). It’s also used quite a bit in Viet­namese and Cam­bo­di­an stir-fries, sal­ads, and Clay Pot casseroles. The biggest thing that our trip changed in me was my palate. There are now times when I absolute­ly crave Viet­namese and/or Thai food. Once you get hooked, it’s very addictive.

  3. Thanks for com­ing to my blo­gaver­sary, David, to you and Pam. I real­ly enjoyed see­ing you two and hav­ing you share my milestone!

  4. Thanks, Raul. It was great to see you, as well as recon­nect with some friends. I hope you’ll be able to cel­e­brate my blo­gaver­sary as well, when­ev­er I have it (will have to check on that…)

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