Google Nexus Phone Joins the List of Technologies Not Available in Canada

I know, I know, I should­n’t even be sur­prised, but once again, Google tells Cana­da to wait. Just like they did with the Street-lev­el view in maps and Google Voice (which still isn’t here).  The Kin­dle is now avail­able in Cana­da, but with­out the key fea­ture (for me, at least) of a built-in brows­er. The TiVo is dying because the CRTC is block­ing adop­tion of Cable­Card. Pan­do­ra, Hulu, and Mint aren’t here either. So, Google’s new phone joins the grow­ing list of tech­nolo­gies that are start­ing to pile up due to a com­bi­na­tion of the CRTC and oth­er road­blocks, keep­ing Cana­di­ans back in the pre­vi­ous decade. I hope the Apple Tablet makes it up here, but now I’m begin­ning to won­der. I had to hack my 1st gen. iPhone just to get it work­ing up here.

All the same, it looked pret­ty sad when I saw, the first day it was released, this screen:
The Nexus phone is not available in your country. Suck on it.

Is it just me, or does that phone bear a resem­blance here to a mid­dle finger?

2 Replies to “Google Nexus Phone Joins the List of Technologies Not Available in Canada”

  1. The CRTC was con­ceived as a way to pre­serve Cana­di­an cul­ture and busi­ness in a time
    of data and spec­trum scarci­ty. That time has now long past, and all the arti­fi­cial bar­ri­ers to inno­va­tion that are still in place in Cana­da will keep us mired in the past until we shape up.

  2. I guess the CRTC has out­lived it’s use­ful­ness, but it’s going to be a long process of re-edu­cat­ing the pub­lic that Cana­di­an cul­ture and inven­tive­ness needs to be export­ed, not sequestered and iso­lat­ed. Are Cirque du Soleil and the Black­ber­ry a result of CRTC ‘pro­tec­tion’? I think not.

    I’d rather see the CRTC act as some­thing like the US’s Nation­al Endow­ment for the Arts, main­ly pro­mot­ing and help­ing to fund wor­thy artis­tic and tech­no­log­i­cal ven­tures. Instead, they seem to spend most of their time keep­ing things from enter­ing the coun­try or putting out edicts that get laughed at (Bob & Doug McKen­zie were a reac­tion to Can­Con, I learned).

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