A Summer Full of People

Up until recent­ly, many of the pho­tos I’ve been tak­ing this past cou­ple of months have been of nature; flow­ers, birds, the for­est, etc.

Then, Van­cou­ver went all gre­gar­i­ous on us. The fact is, when the days are as beau­ti­ful and com­fort­able as they have been, you just have to get out, and every­body else has the same idea. So this month has been a series of fes­ti­vals, mee­tups, twee­t­ups (think impromp­tu get-togeth­er flash-mob via web mes­sag­ing), BBQs and gen­er­al get-togethers.

A cou­ple of weeks ago was Car-Free Van­cou­ver day, in which sev­er­al sec­tions of the city blocked off areas to auto­mo­bile traf­fic and ven­dors (and oth­ers) set up booths. Pam and I went up and down a large sec­tion of Main Street, but did­n’t get to the oth­er streets that were par­tic­i­pat­ing, includ­ing Com­mer­cial Dri­ve (where the move­ment start­ed) and a large swath of Den­man. We saw every­thing from Tai Chi:

Tai Chi - 1

to crowds and bal­loons near­ly as far as the eye could see:

Crowds as far as the Horizon

Then, this past week­end, it was the Greek fes­ti­val, which took over a stretch of Broad­way to the east of us. It was an enor­mous crowd, and Pam and I chowed down on Souvlaki…

Cooking the Souvlaki

…and Bakla­va (Pam opt­ed for a lemon pound-cake with almonds called Samali, after a Ugan­dan friend she has of the same name). I learned that my name in Greek is NTABINT (although pho­net­i­cal­ly it’s spelled ∆ABI∆ ). We also real­ized that this sec­tion of the city was full of great lit­tle Greek restau­rants and delis, so now we know where to get the best pita and treats like Koura­bi­ethes (sug­ar cook­ies), Kataifi (Bakla­va with shred­ded dough) and the near­ly unpro­nounce­able but deli­cious Galak­to­boureko Rol­la (Phyl­lo stuffed with custard).

Last night was the Meet­up of all Mee­tups at the Ceilis Irish Pub down­town. A com­bi­na­tion of the Third Tues­day Meet­up, The Van­cou­ver Sales Per­for­mance Meet­up, Van­cou­ver Blog­ger’s Meet­up, Real Estate Tech­nol­o­gy Meet­up, Young Pro­fes­sion­als Meet­up, Word­Press Meet­up and the Van­cou­ver Entre­pre­neur Meet­up Group all made for a huge crowd on the rooftop:

It was a very, very big Meetup

I was glad to see a lot of friends and fel­low Van­cou­ver blog­gers there, includ­ing Raul, Tanya, Mon­i­ca and Shane:

Raul, ?,Tanya, Monica and Shane

One fun part of this meet­up was that there were door prizes, and by pure luck, I won one! Dig­i­tal Smart Homes pro­vid­ed a Kan­to Zed iPod Speak­er sys­tem, and I’m hav­ing fun unbox­ing it today! Thanks, guys!

See, it was­n’t just a month of flow­ers, birds and trees…

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  1. Your con­fu­sion about the “pho­net­ic” spelling of your name in Greek is under­stand­able but still wrong. In mod­ern Greek the “∆” (delta) is a voiced “th” sound, not quite the same as the “th” in “those.”

    The hard “D” at the start and end of your name is a sound for­eign to Greek as she is spo­ken, and there­fore is writ­ten using the “NT” (ni taf; known to clas­si­cists and math­e­mati­cians as nu tau).

    Sev­er­al oth­er Greek let­ters have sim­i­lar­ly unex­pect­ed pro­nun­ci­a­tions and sev­er­al oth­er com­mon Eng­lish phonemes have sur­pris­ing diph­thong translit­er­a­tions. F1 rac­er Jen­son But­ton’s name translit­er­ates as “Τζενσον Μπωττον” (or ΤΖΕΝΣΟΝ ΜΠΩΤΤΟΝ” in the slight­ly more com­pre­hen­si­ble caps (David = Νταβιντ Ντρυκυρ” or some­thing close to that)

  2. Thanks, Ryan! I fig­ured that you or Rebec­ca could cor­rect that if it was­n’t accu­rate. Fun­ny that the lady in the booth got it wrong.

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