Good Tastes

We had Matt and Oana over last night for din­ner and Scrab­ble. I’m hap­py to report that the Cas­soulet was enjoyed by all. It’s rich, but smokey and herb‑y. The var­i­ous meats (Duck con­fit, duck sausage, Toulouse-style pork sausage, smoked pork chops) all worked togeth­er with the white beans. After some cream of broc­coli soup (got some great fresh stuff from my ‘cel­ery’ guy at the mar­ket), we ate it with baguettes, red wine, and roast­ed aspara­gus and toma­toes. For dessert, there were straw­ber­ries and figs with warm cus­tard. I can’t take cred­it for the Cas­soulet, but I feel like I’m real­ly get­ting the hang of this kitchen.

Oh, Oana beat every­body in Scrab­ble, although accord­ing to one set of rules, she and Matt were real­ly tied. Pam and I chal­lenged each oth­er’s words (i still say there is such a thing as a ‘sealin­er’) but effec­tive­ly knocked our­selves out of the game. A fun thing to do when you play Scrab­ble, we agreed, is to try and make up the words you put on the board into a sen­tence. Try it the next time you play for a laugh or two.

The Cul­ture Crawl
Today we decid­ed to take advan­tage of the last day of the East Van­cou­ver Cul­ture Crawl. Rather than a Pub crawl, were you go from bar to bar, the Cul­ture Crawl is a few days in Novem­ber each year where the artists who live in the bohemi­an neigh­bor­hoods east of Van­cou­ver down­town open their stu­dios to peo­ple who wan­der in from the streets. So, in the fog, we ambled from sculp­tor to painter to pot­ter in a charm­ing res­i­den­tial area which I’m sure would be absolute par­adise on a warm sum­mer day. We did­n’t buy any­thing, but it was great to see so much good art made local­ly. It remind­ed my that Richard Flori­da wrote on how Van­cou­ver has one of the high­est ‘bohemi­an indices ’ of all cities in North Amer­i­ca. Fun­ny thing, but I noticed that about a week after we left Boston, The Boston Globe pub­lished an arti­cle cit­ing Flori­da’s work about the flight of cre­ative types from Cam­bridge to places abroad. Go figure.