Hanging on by their Thumbs

As I write this, the Canucks are in the last-ditch effort to stay in the series in Ana­heim. The game is in over­time with the score tied 1 to 1, and Rober­to Luon­go, the extra­or­di­nary goalie (with a face by Modigliani) has made save after save as the Ducks keep shoot­ing (near­ly 3 times as fre­quent­ly as Van­cou­ver). It’s a nail-biter, to be sure. I can’t stand the tension!

All right. (*pant, pant*) Here’s a time out:

While stay­ing (loose­ly) on the hock­ey theme, I noticed (from some of the TV com­mer­cials he appears in) that Sid­ney Cros­by, the rook­ie play­er for the Pitts­burgh Pen­guins (and the first pick of the 2005 NHL Entry Draft and one of the lead­ing scor­ers dur­ing last year’s NHL sea­son) bears a strik­ing resem­blance to Andy Sam­berg of Sat­ur­day Night Live. Don’t believe me? Take a look:

Sidney Crosby

Sid­ney Crosby

Andy Samberg

Andy Sam­berg

Sep­a­rat­ed at birth? I guess if they ever do a Hock­ey sketch on SNL, they’ll know who can play Crosby.

First time out is over. Still no score.

A Vis­it to the South
Tomor­row I’ll take a quick vis­it to my broth­er and his fam­i­ly in the Seat­tle. It’s the first time I’ve been down there since a day-trip in January.

And It’s Over
That’s it. The Series is end­ed with a bizarre shot by a guy named (of all things) Nie­der­may­er, which was the name — dif­fer­ent spelling, though — of one of the bad guys in the movie Ani­mal House…the one who would be “killed in Viet­nam by his own troops”.

*sigh* Well, it was nice while it lasted.