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Survival of the Smartest

Anoth­er rea­son that we are leav­ing the Unit­ed States is the coun­try’s descent into irra­tional and prim­i­tive mythol­o­gy. Exam­ple: The State of Kansas has once again tried to attack the teach­ing of Evo­lu­tion in their pub­lic schools. They are sup­port­ing the teach­ing instead of ‘Intel­li­gent Design’, which is just a fan­cy way of say­ing ‘God […]

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Religion versus Rational Thought

I’ve stayed away from dwelling on the rea­sons that we are leav­ing the US. Bet­ter to spend time on the mechan­ics of the activ­i­ty. I’ve avoid­ed the sub­ject, part­ly because, you can become quite occu­pied with the forms to fill out, the doc­u­ments to locate, the mon­ey to spend and the mov­ing com­pa­nies, real­tors, lawyers […]

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So much happening, so little reporting

OK, OK, so it’s been a while since I did an entry here. Like 8 days. It isn’t as if noth­ing’s been going on. Life has been turned upside down by try­ing to do two things that are nor­mal­ly all-con­­sum­ing when they are done on their own: sell­ing your house, and buy­ing a new house. […]

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Putting on our Best 'House' Face

The first two groups of prospec­tive buy­ers came through today, if what our real estate agent told us is true. Tomor­row we get the whole Cald­well Banker Office walk­ing through and anoth­er poten­tial buy­er at noon. It feels very strange, as if our lives are on dis­play. I know that they are look­ing at the […]

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