Moving On

It’s Sun­day, and Pam and I have been doing our best to get on with our lives after the loss of our beloved pet. It’s hard to pre­dict when grief hits; some­times it’s when we reen­ter the house on return­ing from shop­ping or a day trip to Pam’s broth­er and sis­ter-in-law. Some­times it’s the evening, upon fin­ish­ing dinner.

A lay­er of sad­ness, like dust, cov­ers us, but we are mov­ing on. We’re get­ting ready for anoth­er trip to Van­cou­ver, this time for me to do some job hunt­ing and meet­ing with peo­ple (cov­ered in an ear­li­er post). Rather than stay home utter­ly alone, Pam luck­i­ly locat­ed a rea­son­ably-priced flight and although we are once again not trav­el­ing togeth­er (will we ever again?), it’s not as ridicu­lous as last time, when she paid 4 times what I did due to chang­ing plans at the last moment (her Uncle Jim dying the day before we were due to leave).

I’m look­ing for­ward to see­ing our new home town with­out the usu­al con­stant rain, but so far it looks like we’re once again going to be in anoth­er 5–6 day del­uge. I’ve got to admit that this has to be the worst luck I’ve ever had with any place with regard to weath­er, so I’m hop­ing we’re get­ting the clichés about the Pacif­ic North­west out of the way up front before we even move there. Oth­er­wise, it’s going to be hard get­ting used to a place that nev­er stops rain­ing for all the months and years we might be liv­ing there. Some day it has got to stop rain­ing in Van­cou­ver, but per­haps that won’t hap­pen until after we move. Talk about a leap of faith.

writ­ten while lis­ten­ing to: Mozart — String Quin­tet in G minor — ii. Menuet­to. Alle­gret­to from the album “String Ensem­bles” by The Orlan­do Quartet

Selling the Piano, part deux

Since we’ve had absolute­ly zero inquiries from the posters about the piano for sale, I decid­ed to esca­late it a bit. It’s now list­ed on Craigslist. I tried to base the list­ing some­what on the poster (left out some of the mar­ket­ing, which to me always looks cheesi­er on web pages). If this does­n’t work, we’ll have to esca­late to the next lev­el, which will be, I think, the Boston Globe clas­si­fieds. I’m hop­ing it does­n’t come to that, but we’ll have to see.

Also, more doc­u­ments have arrived, notably a sealed tran­script from the Uni­ver­si­ty of Cincin­nati. That leaves the let­ters from HR Depart­ments, pass­port pho­tos, a com­plete phys­i­cal and the noti­fi­ca­tion from the Cam­bridge Police Depart­ment. I’m not too wor­ried about any of these except for the last two (and of those two the very last one for sure). Oh, and all the forms for Cana­di­an immi­gra­tion filled out, which is pret­ty mam­moth as well.

I’ll be in Van­cou­ver again in about 3 weeks, this time for a Multimedia/Technology/Internet con­fer­ence at the geo­des­ic dome that hous­es the BC Sci­ence Cen­tre. Ah, what a plea­sure it is to spell that with the ‘r’ before the ‘e’ again (takes me back to my days as a British student).

Back in Town

Back from a vis­it to my par­ents in Bal­ti­more, and try­ing to get caught up on email and snail mail. The doc­u­ments need­ed for our immi­gra­tion to Cana­da are now start­ing to flow in. So far I’ve gotten:

  1. Birth Cer­tifi­cate
  2. Mar­riage Certificate
  3. Sealed Tran­script from Cam­bridge University

Now the remain­ing doc­u­ments include:

  1. Sealed Tran­script from the Uni­ver­si­ty of Cincin­nati (for my under­grad degree). Have sent away for it, but noth­ing yet.
  2. Let­ters from the HR Depart­ments of my last 3 jobs attest­ing to the fact that I did in fact work there (on Com­pa­ny sta­tionery). I have to get mov­ing on this.
  3. A form from the Cam­bridge, Eng­land Police Depart­ment con­cern­ing my stay there as a stu­dent in 1983 (I don’t have a clue how to pro­ceed here).
  4. Pass­port-type pho­tos. That should be easy.
  5. Results of a com­plete Phys­i­cal. Have to get this sched­uled soon.

That’s most of it, I think. That’s not includ­ing the port­fo­lio of my work that I’m try­ing to put togeth­er. I’ll be back in Van­cou­ver for a Multimedia/Internet con­ven­tion at the end of the month, and hope­ful­ly should be able to deliv­er some of these doc­u­ments as well as my oth­er infor­ma­tion to the offices of our lawyer there at that time.
Slow­ly but surely.

writ­ten while lis­ten­ing to: Tubin — Sonati­na in D minor — ii. Andante sostenu­to, qua­si largo from the album “Tubin — The Com­plete Piano Music” by Var­do Rummessen


We had to change our plans for today. We were plan­ning on going to New York City for the day, leav­ing ear­ly in the morn­ing on the Fung Wah or Lucky Star Bus to Chi­na­town. Well, we woke up 40 min­utes too late because Pam had turned on the alarm, and I had unknow­ing­ly turned it right back off again (*tap-tap on, tap-tap off*). So our expe­ri­ence of ‘The Gates’ will have to wait for a few days. Good thing we had­n’t bought tick­ets already.
Took the oppor­tu­ni­ty to get some stuff done, since I was here a day I thought I would­n’t be: Got adver­tise­ments for the piano post­ed at the Longy School of Music and the New Eng­land Con­ser­va­to­ry (actu­al­ly, at NEC you can only leave the fly­er there, and hope­ful­ly some­one will post them in a good place) I take some pride in that it was a beau­ti­ful­ly designed and pro­duced poster, com­plete with pho­tos and schemat­ic in full col­or. (Here’s a PDF).

Also sent a check (or rather, a cheque) to Cam­bridge Uni­ver­si­ty to pay for a sealed tran­script. Anoth­er require­ment of our immi­gra­tion forms are sealed tran­scripts of every col­lege I got a degree from. Which reminds me that I have to do the same with the Uni­ver­si­ty of Cincin­nati. Orig­i­nal­ly the Cam­bridge per­son said I had to send a cheque in the amount of 7 pounds. Then I found out from my bank that there is a min­i­mum $25 charge for cut­ting a check (or cheque) in any for­eign cur­ren­cy. So that’s right; the rough­ly $13 in British pounds would have also incurred a charge rough­ly twice that amount! For­tu­nate­ly I found out that Cam­bridge U. will accept US cur­ren­cy for these records (and I sent $15 rather than 13), but it’s becom­ing clear that we have to start doing some­thing about head­ing off these for­eign cur­ren­cy charges — which will hold true for cheques made out in Cana­di­an dol­lars just as well as British pounds.

It was good to walk around Boston today. The sun was out and it was­n’t too cold for much of the day. It also gave me a chance to stretch my legs a lit­tle. In ret­ro­spect, if I had tak­en the bus to New York and walked around Cen­tral Park for 2–3 hours, I prob­a­bly would be dead tired now; I’m real­ly out of shape!

writ­ten while lis­ten­ing to Hin­demith — Sonata for Harp — i. Mäßig schnell from the album “Harp Music by var­i­ous com­posers ” by Andrea Steck­er­meier Thiele, Harp