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Cold Season and Another Try with FontKit

I haven’t had a cold in quite a while, so the one I have now feels par­tic­u­lar­ly annoy­ing. It’s not as if I’ve for­got­ten what a cold is like, but I think you can get used to them, when you get them more often (and I’m sure I did suf­fer from fre­quent colds- near­ly every […]

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The Lost Week

The Hot Zone, by Richard Pre­ston, Cov­er Art Cour­tesy of Wikipedia I remem­ber when I read ‘The Hot Zone’, Richard Pre­ston’s non-fic­­tion account of killer germs like Mar­burg, Ebo­la, and oth­er hem­or­rhag­ic fevers. I was tru­ly ter­ri­fied, but I remem­ber being less scared by his his­tor­i­cal back­ground mate­r­i­al on the Span­ish Flu pan­dem­ic of 1918. […]

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Trying Not to Do Anything Rash

I don’t usu­al­ly write much about my own health, most­ly because I usu­al­ly think that it’s a bor­ing sub­ject. Not this past week­end, though. Last Sat­ur­day, the first day of the first week­end I’d had to myself in 2 weeks, I was sit­ting right where I am right now, at my com­put­er. I was itch­ing […]

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