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New Friends, New Activities, New Restaurant

On Sun­day I went to a pic­nic on the beach. Well, I was at a pic­nic on the beach for about 45 min­utes (Darn!). The Van­cou­ver Blog­gers Meet­up (boy, if that does­n’t sound nerdy, then I guess you are a geek, dear read­er), had a pic­nic at Jeri­cho Beach. I had nev­er been there, and […]

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A Day Trip to North Adams, MA

Nat­ur­al Bridge in North Adams Since we’ll be mov­ing far­ther away from friends and some rel­a­tives, we’re now tak­ing some time to vis­it with them. In this case, we met our friends Rob and Lau­ra in North Adams, a small mill town in the North West­ern cor­ner of Mass­a­chu­setts, near the bor­ders of New York […]

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Trip Wrap-Up

We’re back in Boston, after what I think was a kind of water­shed trip. As Pam not­ed, we were in a bit of funk before we left. We were focused on the absence of Socrates, and this in turn led us to con­tem­plate the past. This trip to Van­cou­ver helped us make more of a […]

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Let's Get This Show On the Road

My friend in Van­cou­ver, Matt points out that the name for the con­fer­ence that I’m going to attend in Van­cou­ver next week, Mas­sive Tech Expo, is real­ly akin to call­ing it The Best Con­fer­ence Ever. I also sug­gest­ed that a good name (with an homage to Woody Allen’s ‘What’s Up Tiger Lily’) is to call […]

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Quien Es Mas Palido?

Quien Es Mas Pali­do? Orig­i­nal­ly uploaded by andyi. Who is paler? Why Señor Andy, I believe you are! But it is a close con­test. Per­haps it’s your hat that shields you so well from the sun. Any­way, it’s an hon­or to be includ­ed with so many famous tan-chal­lenged peo­ple (the wax fig­ure of Samuel L. […]

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