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Deja Vu all Over Again

Pho­to by Bruce Ben­nett from We real­ized short­ly after we arrived in Cana­da that one of the keys to under­stand­ing Cana­di­an cul­ture is to fol­low and appre­ci­ate the sport — no, it’s greater than mere­ly a sport, the Cul­ture of Hock­ey. Hock­ey was invent­ed in Cana­da, and ‘Hock­ey Night in Cana­da’ is prob­a­bly the […]

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Showing Off Our New Home

If we do, in fact, live in an ‘alter­nate real­i­ty’, where tea par­ties and trips to feath­er our nest are the most mem­o­rable activ­i­ties, then hav­ing wit­ness­es might come in handy. This week, some old friends who were neigh­bors of our’s in Cam­bridge are in town. Glenn and Bethany have been treat­ed to the best […]

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One more Thing

Today marks the six month Anniver­sary of our move here. I was think­ing of all that’s changed since then, and how we’re set­tling in and start­ing to enjoy a good life here. While I do miss our friends and neigh­bors from Cam­bridge, we have made friends here as well. Last night we had our next […]

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It's Still Raining and Everybody has a Cold

When I got back to work after the hol­i­days, I found out that sev­er­al peo­ple had got­ten sick over the vaca­tion (in fact, one had his entire fam­i­ly sick and even made one trip to the doc­tor’s office). So, I guess it was lucky that I did­n’t get a cold last week or the week […]

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You Think That's Close?

My broth­er sent me a link to Microsoft­’s that does the close-up ari­al from MIT one bet­ter, and it even does it from an angle, so you can see the height of the build­ings. Not only that, but you can actu­al­ly see 1) the satel­lite dish on our roof and 2) our old car. […]

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