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25 Short Things About Me

I’ve been tagged on Face­book with the 25 Things About You meme by my friend, Rebec­ca Salous­tros. I guess there’s only one thing to do: Here are the Rules from this blog meme: Once you’ve been tagged, you are sup­posed to write a note with 25 ran­dom things, facts, habits, or goals about you. Then, […]

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Happy New Year! What if 2008 was a Hoax?

I’m going to start the new year with some thoughts about 2009, which I like more than last year for one triv­ial rea­son already: it’s far eas­i­er to type. But before that, one final reflec­tion on 2008: On the evening news, a reporter asked some peo­ple on the street this ques­tion: If you had to […]

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A View with a Room

Pho­to By Derek Miller Last week’s Best of 604 Awards, a cel­e­bra­tion and awards cer­e­mo­ny that brought out many of the local blog­ging com­mu­ni­ty, con­firmed my the­o­ry that Van­cou­ver is becom­ing a key cen­ter of what’s being now gen­er­al­ly called ‘Social Media’*. I’m going to write a much longer and more com­plete post­ing on why […]

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Restaurant Review: Chow on South Granville

If restau­rant names go through fads like the food eat­en in them, I think that in Van­cou­ver, we are in the ‘sin­gle word (or even syl­la­ble) and clever’ fad. Just to name a few, there’s West, Fuel, C, Crave, Nu, Rare, Grub, Brix, Reef, Karv, Pound and Posh. Add a few syl­la­bles and you get […]

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Happy Birthday, WordPress

I learned from the news feeds on the Dash­board for this soft­ware, that today is Word­Press’s ‘offi­cial’ fifth Birth­day (it was actu­al­ly 5 years ago back in the begin­ning of the year). While that’s pret­ty young, in soft­ware years it’s prob­a­bly all the way into some­where in the ear­ly teens. The five year mark places […]

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