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Meeting People and Asking (or Giving) Directions

I’ve been get­ting out and meet­ing new friends. There are the Weblog­gers Meet-Ups, where I recent­ly met Jan Karls­b­jerg (who was kind enough to blog about me), Heather, and Will Pâté, as well as Ian­iv Schwe­ber and his fiancé, Ariean­na. I’ve also met sev­er­al peo­ple though the BC Game­lan, as well as the VanUE (Van­cou­ver […]

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New Friends, New Activities, New Restaurant

On Sun­day I went to a pic­nic on the beach. Well, I was at a pic­nic on the beach for about 45 min­utes (Darn!). The Van­cou­ver Blog­gers Meet­up (boy, if that does­n’t sound nerdy, then I guess you are a geek, dear read­er), had a pic­nic at Jeri­cho Beach. I had nev­er been there, and […]

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A more up-to-date Me

Spent the day at home today, most­ly just relax­ing and answer­ing email. One thing I did get done was have Pam take a new por­trait of me. Why do this? Because it’s always handy to have a cleaned up, scal­able head-shot for online ser­vices, avatar icons, login pic­tures, etc. My old pic­ture was just too […]

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OK, I’m going to have anoth­er try at this blog thing, both in the per­son­al realm as well as the pro­fes­sion­al realm. For posts regard­ing User Inter­face Design obser­va­tions, tech­nol­o­gy, and relat­ed sub­jects (as well as the occa­sion­al photo/screenshot or illus­tra­tion), I’m going to be writ­ing entries in The Kendall Group Blog or as I […]

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