About This Blog

Who Wrote This?

I’m David Drucker, a musician-turned technologist, interested in how new devices and software can make people more powerful, creative or connected to others. I’m also an unapologetic American liberal who became disgusted with the Bush regime, the religious conservatives who hijacked the government, and the rising tide of willful ignorance among its citizens.

In short, America wasn’t any longer the country that I grew up in.


So, What Did I Do About it?

As you can see by the quote from Gandhi that I’m very fond of, I decided to be a small piece of the change I wished to see in the world. After a long battle trying to stop the catastrophe that was George W. Bush, I voted with my feet. My wife and I moved to Canada. It may not be utopia, but I believe that Canada is a lot closer to my idea of how a country should be run and how its citizens can live. Things have changed a lot in the US, but we’re not planning on returning, partly because so much damage was done, so many things wrong with the country are deep and systemic, and I think that our quality of life will continue to be better here in Vancouver.  I’m continuing to write about my experiences now, as of July 18, 2012, from the point of view of a new Canadian citizen. I hope that it may offer some insight and tips to others who might be considering leaving the US, as well as perhaps providing a glimpse into our everyday experiences and concerns.

We’ve heard and met other Americans who have contemplated the same. To all of you who are ready to make the leap, I’ll say to you what all the people in Vancouver have said to us when we tell them where we’re originally from: Welcome. For those of you who are staying to help President Obama clean up ongoing multitude of disasters and ruin left by eight years of Bush and Cheney, good luck. You have my heartfelt sympathy, and I like to think that I may have helped in a small way toward Obama’s reelection.

Other Blogs I Write

Besides this blog, I write another blog that covers technology and User Interface Design, which is what I do for a living. It’s entitled with its URL, drucker.ca, which also shows that I’m proud of my Canadian home and have adopted a .ca address for my professional life.

Why the Name “Loud Murmurs”?

I’ve always found the concept of blogging to be somewhat at odds with itself. Are these private thoughts? Are they public ones? For me, the act of blogging is kind of like grumbling (or murmuring) out loud. It’s not that I hadn’t planned on voicing these particular thoughts, or am embarrassed that they are now public, but the act of entering them into a blog seems to amplify them. So, the posts here are often just that; mumbles with a megaphone.