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I'm attending BarCamp Vancouver 2010

There are some exciting days ahead, and I’ve been spending a lot of time getting prepared. First of all, in less than a week, BarCamp Vancouver 2010 takes place on November 19th-20th at the new location of the Waldorf Hotel, just to the East of downtown. It’s a unique venue, complete with the city’s most spectacular vintage 1950s Tiki bar and it’s recently been renovated and is ready to host events. I’ve put together a presentation and demo called: Playing with Future Television, What I learned Messing Around with Plex 0.9. I’m a huge fan (perhaps even a fanatic) of this free software that turns any Mac (Intel only) into a Media Center. Built originally from the XBMC (XBox Media Center) project, but now an independent initiative, Plex includes a gorgeous (and skinnable/customizable) TV interface (that like Apple’s own Front Row, works with a remote), an omnivorous video player that can handle most of the video formats I’ve ever come across, iTunes and iPhoto connectivity out of the box, plugins that add the ability to stream media from all sorts of places: YouTube, Shoutcast, Hulu and Pandora if you’re in the US – although I have found a sneaky workaround – Apple Movie Trailers, MSNBC, and again, if you’re in the US, Netflix. (That last service ought to work in Canada as well, because we now get Netflix…sort of, but the US plugin won’t work in Canada, and the company has not offered any support for developers trying to use their API in Canada, despite the cries of protest from the small but vocal group of Canadian Plex users and developers.) So that’s my contribution, and I’m also looking forward to presentations by Kris Krug on iPhone photography and John Biehler and Duane Storey on Arduino.

But Wait, There’s More…

Vancouver WordPress Meetup Group LogoA few days after BarCamp, I’ll be doing another presentation, on a completely different topic. It’s entitled “User Experience Design for WordPress Web Sites: Does Your Blog Design Support Your Content?”, and I’ll be presenting it at the November meeting of The Vancouver WordPress Meetup Group at The Network Hub, a co-working space in downtown Vancouver. I’ve been doing a ton of research and work on this presentation, so I’m looking forward to giving it. The attendance so far is completely full, with a waiting list of over 16 people as I write this. Wow.


  1. I’m presently working on a technology start-up in the fitness field based out of Vancouver so I find your blog interesting indeed. As a side-bar, I would follow your RSS feed, if I could find it. Just a thought…

  2. *totally* wish I could be at both of those, David! I’m coming down over the holidays. Any chance I could bribe you and Pam to a nice bottle of wine or something in exchange for a mini-version of one or the other of the above? I’m planning to buy a new mac when I’m down there, btw, so might be fun to test drive Plex on it.

  3. Darren, thanks for the comment, and hopefully my email got to you. If not, in the meantime, the URL for the feed for content on this account is : http://www.loudmurmurs.com/feed/

    Nancy, so sorry that you couldn’t make this. Let us know when you are coming down. Unfortunately I fear that we may miss your whole visit, but hopefully our times in Vancouver will overlap.

  4. wow, the wordpress design talk is exactly what i could need right now. one more thing i missed … sigh …

  5. Sorry you missed it Isabella, but you can still see the slides. I put them on slideshare and have embedded them at my other blog, http://www.drucker.ca/
    You won’t hear my jokes and ad libs, but there might be a few things you can use.

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