Power Success

Well, we’re back to the 20th cen­tu­ry (we’ll get to the 21st in a few more days, I think). The pow­er came back on at about mid­night last night. So far, the only per­ma­nent dam­age is a lot of spoilt food in the freez­er and fridge. Most of the clocks have been reset (except for the Rice Cook­er — who thought of putting one on that? Oh, right, some peo­ple set it in the morn­ing to cook rice for when they get home from work).
The com­put­er seems 100%, but the TV is still dead. Actu­al­ly, it died a day or two before the pow­er fail­ure, so it’s not relat­ed, as far as I can tell. Too bad that it did­n’t mag­i­cal­ly heal itself when the pow­er returned.
The rea­son for the pow­er not com­ing back in our build­ing (when it did for the rest of the area of South False Creek that was affect­ed) was that our Main switch blew (and that is to say ‘splod­ed!) when the cur­rent start­ed flow­ing again. With lit­tle or no com­mu­ni­ca­tion (some of the land­line phones were out as well) we relied on the old fash­ioned game of tele­phone. Rumours were run­ning ram­pant as we came and left the build­ing. “It was a huge rat that got torched.” said one neigh­bor. “It’ll be down for 4 or 5 days.” said anoth­er. I’m sur­prised we did­n’t get sto­ries cir­cu­lat­ing of aliens or zom­bies in the Gen­er­a­tor room.
Hav­ing show­ered, shaven and reset most of the radios and clocks, etc. I now have to get to the task of throw­ing out all of the bad food. It could have been much worse; this week we had less left­overs than we usu­al­ly do in the fridge.
I still chuck­le over the for­tune cook­ie (which I tweet­ed last night) that we got at the end of din­ner: NOW IS THE TIME TO DEPART FROM YOUR REGULAR ROUTINE. Yes, Mr. Cook­ie, it was indeed. Now, I’m just hop­ing to get back to some sem­blance of that rou­tine, if you don’t mind.

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