Fun With Fonts

For those folks who read my blog as an RSS feed,  or those who read it with an old­er brows­er (such as Inter­net Explor­er 5.0 or less, Fire­fox 2.0, Safari 1.0, or oth­ers), you won’t notice much of a change, but if you are look­ing at this page or oth­ers with a new­er brows­er, you should be see­ing some inter­est­ing changes: main­ly the fonts for the head­lines and body type. How did I do this? I’ve been play­ing with the type­kit ser­vice ( — if you don’t see any­thing yet, it’s because I got an ear­ly invi­ta­tion. They’ll be going live for the gen­er­al pub­lic soon, I think. ), which has start­ed  to post web fonts for those peo­ple design­ing and build­ing web sites, as well as the browsers that can see them, and they’ll be offer­ing a free account with 2 fonts on a sin­gle URL. I decid­ed to use the font  “M+ 1c” for the head­lines and “Droid Serif” (which is actu­al­ly one of the fonts designed for onscreen read­ing on the Google Android OS) for the body copy.  I prob­a­bly will need to tweak some oth­er set­tings and CSS (Com­ments and a few oth­er items in the con­tent areas are still show­ing up in Geor­gia), but over­all, I’m intrigued with the prospect of web sites and blogs that use fonts oth­er than the 6 or 7 that we’ve been see­ing reg­u­lar­ly for the past 10 years or so. I hope this does catch on, as I think it could spur a renais­sance in web design. In the mean­time, it’s always a thrill to be an ear­ly adopter and catch some of this at the beginning.

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  1. Per­haps it’s my brows­er but I find the new type face makes the words squished and hard­er to read.

  2. Yeah, can’t say I’m impressed either. I’ll email you a cou­ple of screenshots.

    In IE8, the bot­tom of the dips are cut off (p, g, y, etc.). This is inde­pen­dent of text size.

    Also, I thought the rule of thumb was to use ser­ifs for body text in print, but sans serif for body text on the screen?

  3. Yeah, thanks for the shots. I guess I was so excit­ed to get new fonts that they looked bet­ter than I admit they do now. I’ll have to try some oth­ers. I guess sans serif choic­es might turn out bet­ter for the body text, since this was sup­posed to be the best of the serif choic­es from type­kit. I wish they’d open up for every­one so I could show the dif­fer­ent types that I tried.

    Actu­al­ly, I had read that serif is still good for body text, both on screen and in print, because the ser­ifs help you dis­tin­guish every let­ter. Can’t remem­ber when and where I read that. 

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