Helen Back (As In, I’ve Been To)

I’m a little bleary-eyed, but I am here, awake, and still able to blog. I believe that I’ve exorcized all of the demons (or daemons for the UNIX folks out there) that were putting in the SPAM in my posts and RSS feeds. I did locate code in my xmlrpc.php file that had a graphic of a spider (in ascii – how old school!) and then a bunch of what looked like Russian. It had everything but ‘From Russia with Love‘ in it. I didn’t keep it around long enough to figure exactly what it was doing, but after several tries at cleaning out, I inevitably had to blow away my WordPress install and reinstall from fresh files. After all of that, reinstalling and reconfiguring plugins, re-entering and updating passwords, and pinging servers,  I finally appear to be back in business, and most of what I had is back (save a few plugins and other niceties).

So, by way of a test, here’s a video I took with the Flip Camera of our second visit to the Night Market in Richmond last night. This evening I had Bánh mì (the incomparable Vietnamese sandwiches of ham, paté and crisp vegetables on crunchy French style baguettes) and Taiwanese deep-fried squid which was absolutely fantastic. Pam had a Green Papaya Salad with shredded beef jerky and a piping hot waffle filled with red bean paste. Too bad the video can’t be smelled or tasted.

This is also a first attempt at using the quick and dirty FlipShare software to make a movie from my short clips, and despite the rather ugly opening titles, I think it actually does a pretty good job.  It’s certainly faster than iMovie, but then again, I didn’t do much but trim a few of the clips. Let’s hear it for raw video, free of spam!

2 Replies to “Helen Back (As In, I’ve Been To)”

  1. I’ll have to remember FlipShare.

    As for the goldfish-paper-net thing, that’s a common summer festival activity in Japan. Thankfully we don’t have the coloured water jellyfish sales happening that were all the rage in 1998-1999 in Taiwan! Poor jellyfish…even if they sting swimmers, I still felt sorry that they ended up living short lives in food-coloured tap water.

  2. Funny how the Night Market ends up being an amalgamation of so many different cultural pieces. The food area, I’m told, is similar to Shanghai. Yet there is the shammy guy, doing his demo, just like Vince/Shamwow on TV. And there’s also the kids rides, which remind me of County Fairs we used to go to in Vermont (and now, of course, the venerable PNE). It fits the Canadian Mosaic to a T.

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