Helen Back (As In, I’ve Been To)

I’m a little bleary-eyed, but I am here, awake, and still able to blog. I believe that I’ve exorcized all of the demons (or daemons for the UNIX folks out there) that were putting in the SPAM in my posts and RSS feeds. I did locate code in my xmlrpc.php file that had a graphic of a spider (in ascii – how old school!) and then a bunch of what looked like Russian. It had everything but ‘From Russia with Love‘ in it. I didn’t keep it around long enough to figure exactly what it was doing, but after several tries at cleaning out, I inevitably had to blow away my WordPress install and reinstall from fresh files. After all of that, reinstalling and reconfiguring plugins, re-entering and updating passwords, and pinging servers,  I finally appear to be back in business, and most of what I had is back (save a few plugins and other niceties).

So, by way of a test, here’s a video I took with the Flip Camera of our second visit to the Night Market in Richmond last night. This evening I had Bánh mì (the incomparable Vietnamese sandwiches of ham, paté and crisp vegetables on crunchy French style baguettes) and Taiwanese deep-fried squid which was absolutely fantastic. Pam had a Green Papaya Salad with shredded beef jerky and a piping hot waffle filled with red bean paste. Too bad the video can’t be smelled or tasted.

This is also a first attempt at using the quick and dirty FlipShare software to make a movie from my short clips, and despite the rather ugly opening titles, I think it actually does a pretty good job.  It’s certainly faster than iMovie, but then again, I didn’t do much but trim a few of the clips. Let’s hear it for raw video, free of spam!

Apologies for the SPAM

Unfortunately, yesterday my blog was hacked, and done in a way that I can’t (after a nearly sleepless night) extricate the poisonous code from it. After going round and round with no solution, I’m coming to the conclusion that I’m going to have to do a complete wipe of it and start from scratch. I’m hoping that I can retain my previous entries, but I can’t let this go on much longer, and have to find a way to get this garbage out. My sincere apologies, and I hope that I’ll be able to get this running again soon.