Fox News Has No Shame (as Usual)

When Gov­er­nor Mark San­ford made his tear­ful Press Con­fer­ence announc­ing that he had secret­ly left the US to vis­it the woman he was hav­ing an affair with in Buenos Aires (and left his wife and sons over Father’s Day — Classy move, dude), Fox News decid­ed that this was rea­son enough to switch his par­ty affil­i­a­tion for him (notice the ‘D’ next to his name):

Mark Sanford Now a Democrat?

Mark San­ford Now a Democrat?

They lat­er cor­rect­ed it, but not after leav­ing this lie up a good long time.

Nice try.

Update: Appar­ent­ly, they (Fox, that is) have indeed been at this a long time.

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  1. Indeed. Some­times I think they have the matu­ri­ty of an 8‑year old. ‘Ooh, Democ­rats bad, Repub­li­cans good.’ must be the mantra they have to say before start­ing work each morning.

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