The Lost Week

The Hot Zone, by Richard Preston, Cover Art Courtesy of Wikipedia

The Hot Zone, by Richard Pre­ston, Cov­er Art Cour­tesy of Wikipedia

I remem­ber when I read ‘The Hot Zone’, Richard Pre­ston’s non-fic­tion account of killer germs like Mar­burg, Ebo­la, and oth­er hem­or­rhag­ic fevers. I was tru­ly ter­ri­fied, but I remem­ber being less scared by his his­tor­i­cal back­ground mate­r­i­al on the Span­ish Flu pan­dem­ic of 1918. It’s true, it killed near­ly 25 mil­lion in its first 25 weeks. ‘But that was so long ago, I thought, ‘with Med­ical Sci­ence not suf­fi­cient­ly advanced or able to deal with sim­ple things, like the flu. After all, we now have flu shots, peni­cillin and the like.’

If the con­stant scares about ‘bird flu’ haven’t giv­en the term a new weight (and they recent­ly killed thou­sands of turkeys in near­by Abbots­ford because one of them had been found to have con­tract­ed it), I have a new rea­son to be respectful.  I was infect­ed with some strain of Influen­za on Fri­day, Febu­rary 20th, and I effec­tive­ly dis­ap­peared from dai­ly life until rough­ly today, 8 days lat­er (and I can’t even be pos­i­tive that it has utter­ly, com­plete­ly and total­ly left me — I real­ly hope that the SOB has). With­out going into the gory details, I was out of it for near­ly the whole week and mis­er­able. This meant that I not only missed some busi­ness meet­ings (but no dead­lines, thank good­ness), but also the sec­ond day of North­ern Voice (which by many accounts was the best ever), a Blog­ger Meet­up, and Launch Par­ty Vol 6, all which I was look­ing for­ward to attend­ing. There’s tru­ly no good time to come down with the flu, but a knock-you-on-your-ass case this week was tru­ly unfortunate.

Last year, at this time, Pam was on her trip to Antarc­ti­ca, and I came down with a case of the flu then as well (although noth­ing as severe and long as this one). That year, as with this year, I had got­ten a flu shot, but I lost the gam­ble that it cov­ered the strain that I caught. You only have a rough­ly 1 in 3 chance that the shots actu­al­ly will do the trick, and so far, over the past 3 years, I’m pret­ty much get­ting that hit rate. (1 hit, 2 misses)

I hope this (get­ting the flu, that is) does­n’t become a regular,  last week in Feb­ru­ary event, because we are plan­ning on a trip in almost exact­ly a year’s time.

In the mean­time, I’ll write more when I get my strength back.

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