Happy New Year! What if 2008 was a Hoax?

I’m going to start the new year with some thoughts about 2009, which I like more than last year for one triv­ial rea­son already: it’s far eas­i­er to type. But before that, one final reflec­tion on 2008: On the evening news, a reporter asked some peo­ple on the street this ques­tion: If you had to describe 2008 in a word, what would that word be? Most (but not all) gave words with neg­a­tive con­no­ta­tions. I remem­ber some respons­es, includ­ing ‘chal­leng­ing’, ‘dif­fi­cult’, and ‘unfor­tu­nate’. I’m not sure what my answer would have been. On the one hand, lots of bad stuff hap­pened last year, but on the oth­er, the US elect­ed the first African-Amer­i­can Pres­i­dent and it was not all bad for me, per­son­al­ly. Matt Hard­ing, the guy who was behind the Inter­net viral video Where in the Hell is Matt claims that his beau­ti­ful danc­ing trip and Inter­net video was actu­al­ly an elab­o­rate hoax. I’d like to join with him, and actu­al­ly sug­gest that all of last year was just a hoax, too.

All except for the bit about Oba­ma get­ting elect­ed and a bunch of oth­er things, that is.

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  1. I like it! Let’s extend it — how ’bout the Bush Admin­is­tra­tion being a Hoax? Sad­ly, 911 would have like­ly occurred, but maybe Pres­i­dent Gore would have actu­al­ly read the “Osama Bin Laden Prepar­ing to Attack the Unit­ed States” memo, and stopped the plot.

    On the oth­er hand, with­out “W”, I don’t think there would have been enough momen­tum for “O”.

    The most impor­tant thing about Oba­ma’s elec­tion is the like­ly pro­tec­tion of the US Supreme Court from becom­ing MORE conservative.

    Same as it ever was — out of the bad, we hope for the good.

  2. I got­ta tell you, not a day goes by where I don’t think of that par­al­lel Uni­verse where Al Gore read the memo, the Gov­er­nor’s for­mer Chauf­feur, who was head of Secu­ri­ty at Logan AIr­port was told that his job was on the line and that he bet­ter keep an eye out, and they nabbed those SOBs before they board­ed, box-cut­ters in hand.

    It’s also a sad fact that the only way you could get an African Amer­i­can elect­ed Pres­i­dent the US would be for things to be so messed up that a large part of the pop­u­la­tion will go for any­one, just as long as they’re dif­fer­ent. This is not belit­tling Oba­ma’s fine intel­lect, impres­sive ora­to­ry and clear lead­er­ship skills, but he would­n’t have even made it onto the play­ing field if we weren’t 4th and 10 at the 1 yard line (unac­cus­tomed as I am to sports metaphors, that seems appro­pri­ate. BTW, Here in Cana­da, that would trans­late as ‘Need­ing a Hat Trick to get to Over­time dur­ing the oth­er team’s Pow­er Play.’)

    You are absolute­ly, pos­i­tive­ly right about that Supreme Court. We often for­get about those things in the heat of the battle.

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