A View with a Room

Photo By Derek Miller

Pho­to By Derek Miller

Last week’s Best of 604 Awards, a cel­e­bra­tion and awards cer­e­mo­ny that brought out many of the local blog­ging com­mu­ni­ty, con­firmed my the­o­ry that Van­cou­ver is becom­ing a key cen­ter of what’s being now gen­er­al­ly called ‘Social Media’*. I’m going to write a much longer and more com­plete post­ing on why I think this is the case, why the con­di­tions here are so favor­able for this move­ment and activ­i­ties and how well they mesh with our lives, but one clear rea­son for the social media com­mu­ni­ty being so close-knit and active in Van­cou­ver is some very strong and charis­mat­ic lead­ers like Miss 604, who planned and host­ed the event. Many thanks to her and those who helped and spon­sored the affair. Pam and I real­ly enjoyed our­selves, and I was thrilled to see so many peo­ple who I knew (and read) be rec­og­nized for their efforts by their peers and read­ers. Like many suc­cess­ful fêtes in this town (like the Fringe Fes­ti­val, Film Fes­ti­val, Bar­Camp, the Fire­works Com­pe­ti­tion, etc.), it will sure­ly become an annu­al event.

Another Business Using Social Media

It has­n’t tak­en very long for com­pa­nies (both large and small) to pick up on the mar­ket­ing poten­tial of social media, and many of my friends and fel­low blog­gers now make their liv­ing help­ing to bring their clients up to speed on the rapid­ly chang­ing and grow­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties for mak­ing use of blog­ging and oth­er online ‘con­duits’. Some of them clear­ly ‘get it’. In fact, one of the cat­e­gories of the Best of 604 awards was the cat­e­go­ry of ‘Best Com­pa­ny Blog’, and this past fal­l’s Mol­son Brew 2.0 event showed that even large cor­po­ra­tions can indeed be very savvy regard­ing this new medi­um. Case in point:

The Opus Hotel in Yaletown

High Tech Com­pa­nies, Mar­ket­ing Shops, and Large Brew­eries aren’t the only com­pa­nies blogging.  Van­cou­ver has some great hotels, and one of them, the Opus Hotel, has a blog.  How did I know about that? The Opus Hotel is also on Twit­ter, the microblog­ging plat­form. What’s more, they post­ed a ‘tweet’ of their blog post about one of their guest’s reac­tions to stay­ing in their rooms. The ‘review’ (whether it is the real thing or not) is not only laugh-out-loud hys­ter­i­cal, but I also think it’s a bril­liant piece of mar­ket­ing and won­der­ful use of a blog to talk about their busi­ness with customers.  While I’ve not stayed at the Opus Hotel and haven’t even been to their well-known bar or equal­ly well-known restau­rant Elixir, I have to say that this piqued my curiousity.

*For those who aren’t familiar with the term, Social Media include blogs, micro-blogs like Twitter, social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace, and even web sites made up of contributions by their members like YouTube and Flickr. The Wikipedia article sums up Social Media well, and I particularly liked this sentence: “Social media depend on interactions between people as the discussion and integration of words to build shared-meaning, using technology as a conduit.”

4 Replies to “A View with a Room”

  1. Isn’t the GM of the Opus an award-win­ning author? That would explain the qual­i­ty of the writ­ing. And Elixir is fantab­u­lous. I’m not thin enough to drink at the bar, alas, so I can’t com­ment on that.

  2. Regard­ing the phrase “Social Media,” I think I pre­fer to describe this class of webu­la­tions as “Blog­gery and its ille­git­i­mate children.”

  3. Rain­coast­er — I had no idea that Opus’s Gen­er­al Man­ag­er was an author. Would def­i­nite­ly point to a pos­si­ble author of that review, but I’m hop­ing it’s legit.
    Ryan — The world ‘Blog­gery’ itself sounds like some­thing that might get you some ille­git­i­mate chil­dren. “Aye, he was guilty of blog­gery and the occa­sion­al tweet, Linkin’ up with Yelps in the Flickr hour, the ras­cal that he was…’ Works for me.

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