The Next Chapter

Pres­i­dent Elect Oba­ma pre­pares to speak to the crowd.

Like mil­lions of oth­er peo­ple, around the world, I feel as if I’ve wit­nessed some­thing his­toric. I watched the broad­cast of Pres­i­dent-Elect Oba­ma’s speech to the throngs of peo­ple in Grant Park in Chica­go (and again, around the world) from a near­by house near False Creek, with peo­ple who I don’t know that well, but now with whom I share a com­mon bond of sorts. I took a pho­to of the tele­vi­sion, just as Oba­ma was about to speak to the crowd. I guess this is one of those moments you remem­ber for the rest of your life.

Con­grat­u­la­tions, USA.  For the first time in a long time, I am proud to be an Amer­i­can. Now, let’s get to work

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  1. Wish I could have been there with the folks, David. Hope every­one had a great time. It was rather sur­re­al for me to be back here in Flori­da and watch­ing the results while all you guys were up there.

    An excit­ing result no mat­ter where you were, though .…

  2. Well, David, let’s give the “dev­il” his due.

    No ter­ror­ist attacks on U.S. soil (where the rest of us still live) since 9/11.

    And peo­ple in Iraq can do a lot of stuff they could­n’t do under the tenure of their for­mer “glo­ri­ous leader.”

    Just sayin’, dude.

  3. I just read a cou­ple of posts on Pete (Alois)‘s blog, and… whew, wow, yowsa and yikes!

    I resent­ed that George Bush’s first acts in office were to can­cel Amer­i­ca’s par­tic­i­pa­tion in var­i­ous inter­na­tion­al agree­ments (more here). Amer­i­ca reserves its right to devel­op chem­i­cal weapons (and to hunt down all oth­ers who dare do the same). Amer­i­ca reserves its right to con­sume and pol­lute and wage war against whomev­er it wishes.

    Spe­cial rules for America.

    Recent­ly Amer­i­ca has reserved the right to con­sid­er all of space its domain. Amer­i­ca will put weapons in space (if and when they actu­al­ly devel­op them), and they’ll take any actions nec­es­sary to pre­vent oth­er nations from doing the same.

    In mod­ern Europe, “nation­al­ism” is a dirty word. In Bush’s Amer­i­ca the word was nev­er heard.

    The Onion’s arti­cle about the GWBush pres­i­den­cy from Jan­u­ary 17, 2001 was prophet­ic indeed:

    Bush: ‘Our Long Nation­al Night­mare Of Peace And Pros­per­i­ty Is Final­ly Over’

    I hope that “Amer­i­ca” will now again become a nation that is respect­ed for more than its mil­i­tary and mon­e­tary girth.

  4. I whole­heart­ed­ly agree with you. Ear­ly on in 2000 I quick­ly found out that every­thing that WPIUSH did, I would dis­agree with it. After a while, I no longer had to check; when­ev­er he did some­thing I could assume I would have done the oppo­site. It was biz­zaro gov­er­nance in the extreme.

    BTW, Pete and I have a truce. I think we real­ized that it was bet­ter for us to just agree to dis­agree. The fact is, despite what he and his friends have said, I have to believe that they have their own rea­sons and log­ic and want things to be good in the US.

    That said, re. there being no ter­ror­ist attacks on US soil since 9/11, why does 9/11 not count? In oth­er words, if you screw up and ignore the warn­ings (as in, say, Hur­ri­cane Kat­ri­na), then it’s OK if you do things dif­fer­ent­ly from then on? (And in this case, I’m not sure that’s even the rea­son there’s been no attack. The fact is, Bin Laden did­n’t need to; the dam­age he inflict­ed kept fes­ter­ing, like a wound that would nev­er heal.) At any rate, I like gov­ern­ments to work well the first time, and not have to con­stant­ly be ‘learn­ing’ from their hor­rif­ic mistakes.

    I also sus­pect that if you asked the sur­viv­ing cit­i­zens of Iraq if it was worth the cost in human lives and suf­fer­ing to be rid of Sadaam, and they had a chance to tell the US back in March of 2003 if they could attack or not, I sus­pect their answer would be the now famil­iar ‘Thanks but no thanks.’

    Any­way, I’ve been think­ing about a spe­cial post about WPIUSH (Worst Pres­i­dent in US His­to­ry), and how his com­ing to pow­er has now ascend­ed to WSEIUSH (Worst Sin­gle Event In US His­to­ry). I think I’ll post that on the 19th, the last full day he inhab­its the White House. The next day I will par­ty­ing my heart out.

  5. Hi, David–

    Nice to see that our “truce” still stands. And I did­n’t come here to spoil your under­stand­able glee over Oba­ma’s election.

    Like a lot of hyper­con­ceit­ed con­ser­v­a­tive (and even lib­er­al!) blog­gers, we have a lit­tle sec­tion at the top of our blog where we quote what oth­er blog­gers have said about us. I will be appro­pri­at­ing Dr. Karls­b­jerg’s “whew, wow, yowsa and yikes!”, you betcha!

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