Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, and a Little Progressive Humour

Hap­py Canuck Turkey Day! Pam and I are roast­ing a Turkey thigh (and even that is huge…), plus also roast­ing a pump­kin (seeds sep­a­rate­ly). I feel all Martha Stewart‑y.

Since it’s not only Thanks­giv­ing sea­son, but also elec­tion sea­son for both the US and Cana­da (and again, we get ours a lit­tle ear­li­er), thought I’d include this lit­tle bit of emi­gré humour (just in case the unthink­able hap­pens in the States):

Many thanks to my friend Mark Bartelt, a very enlight­ened Cal­i­forn­ian who I met through the arti­cle I did for the LA Times years ago, for the point­er to this lit­tle gem that is all too close to reality.

2 Replies to “Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, and a Little Progressive Humour”

  1. Of course, if Harp­er wins again tomor­row — with or with­out a major­i­ty — he may bring us clos­er to Amer­i­can policy/attitude than most care to real­ize, no mat­ter who becomes the next President.

    How­ev­er, the Cana­di­an pub­lic will not go qui­et­ly into the night about this either.

  2. Hi Al,

    Yeah, we’ve been dread­ing that we are not rid of Harp­er, even if the orig­i­nal Bush will thank­ful­ly soon be just a bad mem­o­ry. The last three years have shown us that he can’t do as much dam­age as the Repub­li­cans in the US, but I’m hope­ful that the lack of a major­i­ty will once again pro­tect the coun­try from him. Besides, if he starts to wreak hav­oc, unlike the US, we can have his gov­ern­ment vot­ed out, and no amount of sup­port from Alber­ta could pos­si­bly out­weigh the rest of the country.

    I some­times won­der how much of the demise of Clas­si­cal Music on CBC2 (and the trans­form­ing it into a more com­mer­cial easy lis­ten­ing for­mat) was the result of Con­ser­v­a­tive Par­ty appoint­ments, and would­n’t be sur­prised if that was the case. That point did make me a lit­tle sad when the video brought up the NPR and PBS to CBC equivalency.

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