Brew 2.0: Molson Throws a Sudsy Event for Bloggers in Vancouver

The event: A 50th Anniversary Celebration of when the Molson Company purchased the ‘6th’ Brewery in Vancouver (that would be in 1958). The crowd: Vancouver Bloggers. The proceedings: Well, we got to taste a lot of great food, took a tour of the brewery, met some of the top people within the company, and even downed glasses of some special 50th Anniversary Beer created just for the occasion.

I understand that most of the attendees also got a delivery of a case of beer from Molson (Mine never came; I suspect there was a bit of a snafu since I entered by a different door than most – even though I was following the instructions of the invitation to the letter).

Update: The case of beer, with a handwritten thank-you note for attending the event, came about a week or so later. Molson definitely sweats the details. Colour me impressed.

Postings include:

Miss604, who covered the event with some nice photos by her husband and also fellow blogger, John. Arieanna of Blogaholics also got some great pics from her husband, Ianiv. Tanya (aka, NetChick), Ryan, new blogger Danny Dang , Tris Hussey, Colleen Coplick, Duane Storey and Hummingbird604 all did a fine job describing most of what went on, and took tons of photos.

So what do I have to add? Ah, I do have a video of some of the beginning of the event, thanks to the Flip Video Camera:

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  1. Dave! Wicked video…thanks for posting. It was so nice to chat with you at the event. Found you on twitter today….talk to you soon!

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