Acrobats at the PNE

Thanks to a real­ly cool gift from my par­ents, a Flip Ultra Video Cam­era, I’m thrilled that now I’ll be able to add not only pho­tos, but now videos of my own to my blog, and plan on doing that from time to time.

Here’s some­thing from the first day I got to use my new toy, at the PNE. We went with my par­ents and had a great time. Once again, the high­light of the day for me (and for the rest of our group, I think) were the Bei­jing Acro­bats. We saw them last year, and were thrilled to see them again. Here’s a short video I did of some of their rou­tines. The light­ing is not ide­al, but most of the time I think you can get the gist of what they are doing. Not bad for a first try, I hope:

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  1. I could­n’t get mine up here until I had a friend in Texas order one for me. It is a Flip Mino and should be here this week, fin­gers crossed. Is there a Face­book Flip group we need to join?

  2. Not sure. If you find one, let me know. I used iMovie’s ‘Pub­lish to YouTube’ func­tion to put this one there. I’ve put a few on Flickr with mixed results (in one case it kept show­ing a video in its orig­i­nal side­ways view, despite mul­ti­ple attempts at get­ting it rotat­ed 90° before upload­ing it).

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