Je pense, donc je suis un nerd

I saw this begin­ning to CBS’s sit­com ‘Big Bang The­o­ry’ the oth­er evening and absolute­ly cracked up in a fit of self-recog­ni­tion. I’ve been mess­ing around with X10 con­trollers and the Inter­net for years.

Yes, when­ev­er any­one asks me why, ‘Because I can’ was the answer I gave as well. I nev­er did any of the radio-con­trolled car/webcam cre­ations, but that would be cool, too. Because I could.

3 Replies to “Je pense, donc je suis un nerd”

  1. Ooh yes, Yes, YES! (more self-recog­ni­tion here)

    And “Thus Spake Zarathus­tra” was the per­fect musi­cal accom­pa­ni­ment to such a triumph.

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