Taking a Break

It’s been a while, since I wrote here, and that’s part­ly because I was often too tired in the evening after work to write any­thing. I’m recov­er­ing from a nasty ill­ness that was fair­ly painful and at the worst point a lit­tle tir­ing, but now I’m near­ly back to normal.

This past Sat­ur­day, Pam and I took a lit­tle pic­nic to the beach. We packed the car with food, fold­ing chairs and a pic­nic blanket/tarp. While it was a lit­tle chilly, Locarno beach, the moun­tains and the city all made for a beau­ti­ful view:

View of Vancouver from Locarno Beach

Lat­er, we went to a house­warm­ing for my friend Tanya, who has got­ten a great place on the oppo­site shore of False Creek from us (we joked that we could prob­a­bly wave at each oth­er across the water). While it took a lit­tle while for us to locate her new place, it did give us the chance to see a lit­tle more of the city as dusk began to fall.

It was a break from the stress of work, but that stress is prob­a­bly going to let up fair­ly soon. It looks very like­ly that my con­tract at IBM will be end­ing next month, and I’ll be free to relax a lit­tle before I am work­ing full-time once again. May is a great month to have some time to enjoy Van­cou­ver, when it is the ‘city of the sens­es’ rather than the intel­lect, as I often have writ­ten here. A few more days like this past Sat­ur­day will def­i­nite­ly be some­thing to look for­ward to.

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  1. It was awe­some to see you, David, and to meet Pam (final­ly! After hav­ing read of her vis­it to Antarc­ti­ca). Look­ing for­ward to see­ing you again soon!

    Added you on to my Flickr as a friend — Tanya’s par­ty pho­tos are there!

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