Off She Goes

Pam's last look at the Pacific Northwest before she headed very very far south...
On Mon­day, Pam and I drove down to Seat­tle, where we stayed at the Rad­di­son hotel, by the entrance to the air­port. She slept well, despite more than the usu­al amount of ‘trav­el but­ter­flies’. Giv­en that she was head­ed to Antarc­ti­ca, I can imag­ine why there might be some of those.

We said our good-byes Tues­day morn­ing by the air­port load­ing zone (as shown above). I did­n’t hear from her dur­ing her lay­over in Los Ange­les, but got an email on Wednes­day morn­ing from her that explained why:

“I was quite ner­vous at that point, in LAX. The Seat­tle leg was a lit­tle delayed but the dis­tance between domes­tic and inter­na­tion­al ter­mi­nals was unmarked. I did­n’t know how far away it was. The air­port is being reno’d and you had to walk out­side to get to the Int’l ter­mi­nal. How odd for a city that only drives.”

The next pho­tos she put on Flickr are of her hotel in San­ti­a­go, Chile. It cer­tain­ly looks lux­u­ri­ous, and I think it would make a nice des­ti­na­tion in and of itself.

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  1. Hi Sweet­ie,
    The hotel is lux­u­ri­ous to say the least. They know what you need and it shows in the staff’s atten­tion to detail. Leave your bag of elec­tri­cal con­vert­ers at home. The built-in pow­er strip has your con­nec­tion type. The bell-per­son described the room fea­tures the way a real estate agent describes a prop­er­ty. Magnifico!

  2. A new first! A com­ment from a trav­el­er in Chile!
    Isn’t the Inter­net cool!

    So, folks, you heard it here: if you are look­ing for hi-tech lux­u­ry very, very south of the Equa­tor, look no fur­ther than the Grand Hyatt in San­ti­a­go. Our agents are check­ing it out (and um, I assume, check­ing out), as I write this.

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