It’s all a Blur

First, some Fun Geekery
Before the ‘offi­cial’ start of this post, here’s a neat pic­ture of what this blog looks like if you bring it up in the iPhone’s Safari browser:

Loud Murmurs as it looks in the iPhone’s Browser

Thanks to John Biehler for this screen­shot from his iPhone. I got the plu­g­in for Word­Press that for­mats the post­ings prop­er­ly for the device, and I have to say it looks like it works real­ly well. Lets hope that I’ll be look­ing at a sim­i­lar view soon (more about my immi­nent iPhone in Cana­da as it gets clos­er to a reality).

Recent Past and Near Future
The days real­ly do seem to be going by with increas­ing speed, with Pam’s depar­ture for the ‘Great White South’ com­ing soon­er with each pass­ing day. She leaves for Seat­tle, flies to Los Ange­les, San­ti­a­go and Ushua­ia (Tier­ra Del Fuego, Argenti­na) and then boards the ship with the Antarc­tic Penin­su­la as it’s des­ti­na­tion the sec­ond week of Feb­ru­ary. Tomor­row, being the first day of Feb­ru­ary, real­ly does feel a whole lot clos­er to the start of that jour­ney for both of us (and she had a big grin on her face this morn­ing as she went through many of her clothes and oth­er equip­ment that she’ll be tak­ing with her, as well as count­ing Chilean and Argen­tinean Pesos for her brief stops in those countries).

I’m also busy with many activ­i­ties besides work. In fact, the past 2 weeks have had me out in the evenings sev­er­al times, includ­ing attend­ing the Launch Par­ty 3 at the Lamp­lighter for Strut­ta, Sun, Techvibes, and Layer7 the first Blog­ger Meet­up of the new Year (See Jan Karls­b­jerg’s excel­lent write-up), as well as some din­ners out with Pam at some restau­rants that we’re try­ing out because of Dine Out Van­cou­ver, includ­ing ( Aqua Riva by the Coal Har­bour Water­front, Bistro Pastis in Kit­si­lano, and tomor­row night, the Gold­fish Pacif­ic Kitchen in Yale­town) which goes on for a few more days). In addi­tion, the hol­i­day gift that Pam had got­ten me, an XO OLPC (One Lap­top Per Child Lap­top) arrived, and I’ve been play­ing with this toy a bit as well — indeed the pho­to with me in the Blog­ger Meet­up shows it off. I hope to be able to use it when the weath­er gets a bit bet­ter, as a way to con­nect to our Inter­net router from the park near­by our build­ing to surf the net and post to this blog in the open air, a sort of hi-tech+nature goal I’ve had for some time. I’ll try and post the pic­tures from the unbox­ing of this charm­ing piece of tech­nol­o­gy soon.

Before Pam leaves, it looks like I’ll be doing anoth­er one of those work­ing week­ends at IBM. Well, at least this time it won’t be dur­ing a bad snow­storm. Or it should­n’t, despite the fact that we’ve been get­ting an awful lot of snow late­ly for this area (includ­ing enough to force many to work remote­ly ear­li­er this week). While she’s gone, I’ll be attend­ing my third North­ern Voice, which will keep me busy enough while she’s explor­ing the Antarc­tic ice floes…

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