In the Blogger’s Lounge

After a gru­el­ing morn­ing that includ­ed wait­ing in a 3 block line to get our pre­reg­is­tered (hah!) badges, as well as a chaot­ic set of direc­tions that sent Pam from one line to anoth­er once we got inside, we are final­ly tak­ing a breather at 4:50 pm. It’s almost five?!! Wow, day 1 went by fast.

Mac­World is big­ger and more crowd­ed than I remem­ber, for this decade, and I’ve been here near­ly every year since 1987. It reminds of the shows I used to attend in the late 80’s and ear­ly 90’s, when Apple was on its sec­ond wave of suc­cess (if you count the Apple II as the first wave). There are 2 halls: the first one we made our way through was the ‘small hall’. It turns out that this one was more of an appe­tiz­er, and this hall is about twice as big, both area and height.

We’ve run into a few old friends, and the theme of this year’s expo, at least accord­ing to what Pam tells me is: I’m get­ting old. Even my friends have grey hair.

As I sit in this rel­a­tive­ly qui­et lounge of white uphol­stered chairs, mod­ern lamps and bowls of M&M pack­ets (with extra print­ing of the icons of each of the Microsoft Office prod­ucts on them), Pam is sit­ting next to me and also tak­ing a break. Nev­er­the­less, she can’t help but edit me as I write this, so it may read a lit­tle bet­ter than my usu­al posting.

OK. This took enough time, and despite the rel­a­tive trendi­ness of upload­ing a pho­to of us as I do this, I think I’ve spent enough time while the mul­ti­tudes of ven­dors and prod­ucts await. I may be get­ting old, but this Expo has­n’t beat me yet!

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  1. So wish I was there…but I bought a Mac­book Air today so it’s not all bad.…so take a few pix for me!

    See you when you get back!

  2. Hi! I’m the stranger in the pho­to. Pam gave me some edit­ing point­ers for a press release of mine at the same time :-). . Thanks for the help! One of my col­leagues already saw it online so appar­ent­ly these things don’t com­plete­ly dis­ap­pear into the aether I’m help­ing with this blog — — which should have Mac­world pho­tos and video very soon… if we can stop eat­ing those M&Ms…

  3. Now that you men­tion it, they do look a bit like con­dom packages.

    I noticed that some­one also took some pic­tures of that lounge to cov­er the sto­ry that some­one was using an XO lap­top at the show. We ran into one guy using one, but I think this was another.

  4. jan, exact­ly what i was think­ing. con­doms! i guess that comes from work­ing so much in social ser­vices where con­doms are hand­ed out like after-din­ner mints.

    so what ARE they? M&Ms?

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