I’m enjoy­ing some unusu­al lux­u­ries (at least in the air­ports I’d been in dur­ing my last trip): free pub­lic Wi-fi and an elec­tric out­let, right by a clean table in one of the food courts at the Van­cou­ver Air­port. Despite that hor­ri­ble sto­ry about the tase-ing of a pol­ish fel­low some months ago, I have to say I real­ly like this air­port. My flight will be board­ing in about 20 min­utes, but unfor­tu­nate­ly, Pam’s flight is delayed, and she’ll be an hour behind me instead of the orig­i­nal 15 min­utes. This means that we’ll prob­a­bly reach our hotel in San Fran­cis­co at around mid­night instead of 11pm. I sus­pect that also means that I won’t be see­ing the keynote in per­son tomor­row, as I find that get­ting up at 5 or 6 am after get­ting to sleep at 1 am is a sure way to ruin my day. In any case, I’ve seen Stevenotes before, and I sus­pect that I’ll be able to catch them in the future. Serves me right for cut­ting it so close.

I’ll try and blog while we’re in San Fran­cis­co, about the show, the city, the old friends I hope to see, and the lit­tle hol­i­day that Pam and I are going to try to have before she gets into full pre-Antarc­ti­ca mode. So, here’s sign­ing off in Van­cou­ver, and see you in the City by the Bay.

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  1. Thanks guys.

    Jan — seri­ous­ly, I did do a dou­ble-take when I saw them sell­ing some T‑Shirts that said ‘Lost in Van­cou­ver’. Is this the local ver­sion of ‘I don’t speak Eng­lish, so Don’t Tase me Bro’?

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