You Can Take the Boy out of Fenway…

The Red Sox, Victorious in Game 1…but you can’t take Fen­way out of the boy.

This evening, Pam and I ate hot dogs, drank beer and watched the Boston Red Sox utter­ly dom­i­nate the Col­orado Rock­ies in a wicked first game of the 2007 World Series. It was curi­ous to see the Sox not only do so well, but do so well in so many ways. They fin­ished off with a score of 13 to 1, tying the record of 13 dou­bles in a world series game. But it was­n’t only the hit­ting. They pulled off a beau­ti­ful dou­ble play, and pitch­er Josh Beck­ett only allowed 6 hits. The Rock­ies, on the oth­er hand, went through 5 pitchers.

Old habits do die hard, though. All the way up to a score of 7 to 1, Pam kept say­ing ‘They could still screw it up! Don’t let your­self be fooled!” It’s also hard to get used to see­ing our old Boston team as the favourite, and clear­ly not the under­dog. That said, it is fun to see them win hand­i­ly, even if we aren’t with­in a stone’s throw of the Green Mon­ster any more.

Go Sox!

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