iPhones Coming to Canada, but It’ll Cost You

Pricey iPhone for Canada

Accord­ing to Betanews :

Apple is plan­ning to begin sell­ing its Apple iPhone through Rogers Wire­less in Cana­da by mid-Octo­ber, tech­nol­o­gy news site Dig­i­tal Jour­nal report­ed this week. The site said a source from with­in Cana­di­an lux­u­ry retail­er Holt Ren­few said it would be receiv­ing the phone with­in two weeks, and it would retail in the coun­try for $799.

Did they say $799? Uh, the Loonie is strong, but not that strong. I think I will plan on a trip to the Apple Store in Belling­ham or Seat­tle to pick one up. I can’t imag­ine them giv­ing us the same trou­ble as Cana­di­ans have had try­ing to buy cars in the US. An agree­ment with Cana­di­an Car Deal­ers make it impos­si­ble to do so, deliv­er­ing as much as 30% more prof­it straight into the hands of the car mak­ers, lead­ing to a 2 Bil­lion$ Class-Action Law­suit on the part of Cana­di­an con­sumers. If that’s no good, and they find some way of stop­ping us at the bor­der, even buy­ing online from the Apple Store and pay­ing the duty and import tax­es here would be cheaper.

I expect that the only iPhone buy­ers actu­al­ly pur­chas­ing it from Holt Ren­frew will be the Amer­i­can Film Actors stay­ing in Van­cou­ver while they shoot what­ev­er movie they are in.

At any rate, this con­firms a sim­i­lar rumor that I had heard ear­li­er in the week. Geeks across Cana­da are ready to heave a sigh of relief.

An Update from Dig­i­tal Journal:

 We have received word from Mario Man­za, Exec­u­tive Direc­tor of VIP Ser­vices at Holt Ren­frew, that they will not be car­ry­ing the iPhone for now. He said he con­firmed this infor­ma­tion with the buy­ers this morn­ing and apol­o­gized for any mis­in­for­ma­tion on behalf of the company.

It sure is a weird sce­nario: Yes­ter­day we placed cold calls to their acces­sories depart­ment and they were telling every­one the iPhone would be there in two weeks. They were even going so far as tak­ing down phone num­bers of peo­ple who called, inform­ing them they will call back when it arrives in two weeks. They even quot­ed the exact price of $799.

Yes­ter­day we also received a pan­ic-sound­ing call from Holt Ren­frew’s PR team say­ing this deal was not con­firmed “yet” — “yet” being the oper­a­tive word.

If you call today, how­ev­er, the same employ­ees are now say­ing they are no longer get­ting the iPhone any­time soon. Dig­i­tal Jour­nal’s insid­ers are now say­ing the same thing.

As we men­tioned, and as most peo­ple agreed, Holt Ren­frew sound­ed like a very unlike­ly place for the iPhone to be launched in Cana­da. But the retail­er does car­ry expen­sive Nokia, D&G and Pra­da phones, and they have car­ried iPods in the past.

So rumour is quashed, for now (accord­ing to Mario Man­za). Holt Ren­frew insid­ers still say Rogers will have it in Jan­u­ary but they say it’s not clear why a poten­tial Holt Ren­frew deal fell through. We’ll see if we can get more infor­ma­tion on that.

We’ll keep you post­ed if we learn any­thing new.

This is approach­ing the lev­el of hys­te­ria. You’d think some­one had leaked that mar­i­jua­na was going to be legal in Canada.

Oh, it already is. My mistake.

5 Replies to “iPhones Coming to Canada, but It’ll Cost You”

  1. I won­der what the costs of oper­a­tion will be. I’ve seen a 3 to 5 fold increase over the US mobile providers on some blog post­ings. This will be very inter­est­ing Apple = Mer­cedes instead of Apple = Saturn.

  2. And Rogers will prob­a­bly charge $150/month for voice & data plan. There should be more car­ri­ers in Cana­da… Rogers and Telus can pret­ty much charge what­ev­er they want b/c of the monopoly.

  3. I stopped at one of Rogers’ con­sumer stores over the week­end. The two guys work­ing there had nev­er heard of the rumor, nor had they heard of the oth­er rumor that Rogers was already offer­ing an iPhone plan to any­one who had brought an iPhone from the US : 3 months free data but lock-in for 3 years to what­ev­er data plan they were going offer. None of that was confirmed.

    One of the guys, how­ev­er, had an unlocked iPhone with him that he had hacked (and had­n’t upgrad­ed the firmware, of course). They said that they hoped the data plan would be as low as $50 a month for the data. You read that right. as low as $50 a month (rather than what it would prob­a­bly be with­out Apple’s pres­sure for a more rea­son­able price: $200 a month. With num­bers like that, the phone tru­ly is a frac­tion of the cost (as it is now with oth­er plans which prac­ti­cal­ly give away a crap­py phone for free or a few dollars).

    I agree, Rogers and Telus can charge what­ev­er they want, and do.

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