The Puppet Speaks for Me

I know I’ve blogged in the past about this, but here’s more Cana­di­an iPhone Angst.

It’s so frus­trat­ing that Europe is going to buy this before we do. Heck, at this rate, Botswana, East Tim­or and (yes, iiiss nii­ice!) Kaza­khstan will get the iPhone before we do. Or so it feels that way when taunt­ed this way.

By the way, Apple is not the only one taunt­ing us. I keep get­ting mes­sages on the TiVo about how we can down­load free pilots for all of the new shows on the US Net­works with the Ama­zon ‘Unboxed’ fea­ture on our TiVo. Except when I get to the screen to do the down­load, I get an error mes­sage com­plain­ing that I don’t have a US billing address, so for­get it. Sim­i­lar­ly, if I go to (who I won’t even dig­ni­fy with a link), where I’m sup­posed to be able to see pre­vi­ous episodes of shows like “30 Rock” or “Heroes”, they actu­al­ly check my IP address and block me from see­ing the video, even though we do, in fact get the NBC net­work here:

NBC Taunt

Hey, these are old episodes, not even the new stuff. Why don’t they just come out and tell me to go and bit­torent the stuff myself. Oh right, I for­got; that would be illegal.

In the words of the pup­pet frog: “FIX IT!”