The Puppet Speaks for Me

I know I’ve blogged in the past about this, but here’s more Canadian iPhone Angst.

It’s so frustrating that Europe is going to buy this before we do. Heck, at this rate, Botswana, East Timor and (yes, iiiss niiice!) Kazakhstan will get the iPhone before we do. Or so it feels that way when taunted this way.

By the way, Apple is not the only one taunting us. I keep getting messages on the TiVo about how we can download free pilots for all of the new shows on the US Networks with the Amazon ‘Unboxed’ feature on our TiVo. Except when I get to the screen to do the download, I get an error message complaining that I don’t have a US billing address, so forget it. Similarly, if I go to (who I won’t even dignify with a link), where I’m supposed to be able to see previous episodes of shows like “30 Rock” or “Heroes”, they actually check my IP address and block me from seeing the video, even though we do, in fact get the NBC network here:

NBC Taunt

Hey, these are old episodes, not even the new stuff. Why don’t they just come out and tell me to go and bittorent the stuff myself. Oh right, I forgot; that would be illegal.

In the words of the puppet frog: “FIX IT!”