BarCampVancouver — Part 1

First of all, apolo­gies again to those peo­ple who got a scare from the title of that last post­ing. I should have real­ized that the Twitter/Facebook echoes of it would not include the fact that it was some oth­er poor soul in the acci­dent, not us.

At any rate, it’s now 9:42 AM and where am I, this cloudy morn­ing? At Work­space, typ­ing away as Dar­ren Bare­foot is hav­ing peo­ple describe their pre­sen­ta­tions for today’s Bar­Camp. What is Bar­Camp? A do-it-your­self con­fer­ence where the atten­dees are also the pre­sen­ters. It’s cre­ative, geeky, and inspir­ing. Every­one is an expert in some­thing. How can you not be inspired by some of these people?

I’m not going to Live­blog this, but I thought I’d set the stage for a recap lat­er. Want to pay atten­tion (and take notes) as much as pos­si­ble dur­ing the day. Oh, and yes, I am pre­sent­ing. Check out, my ‘pro­fes­sion­al’ User Inter­face Blog for details. Ah, cross pro­mo­tion. So important.