A Serious Accident in the Evening

Map of Accident
Pam and I were decom­press­ing over Jeop­ardy (on the TiVo) and get­ting ready for a late din­ner when we heard a crash.

Then we heard anoth­er crash. It was, I thought, like thun­der, but Pam lat­er described it as a sort of scrap­ing of met­al. That would turn out to be the more accu­rate descrip­tion. At about 8:10, a white truck came down the East­ern on-ramp to the Granville Bridge. That’s the one that is fed from the hill that starts at the inter­sec­tion of Hem­lock and Broad­way and actu­al­ly cross­es 4th Avenue at about a height of 40 feet or so.

It must have been the wet street (it had just rained pret­ty hard after a week or so of oil and oth­er grime on the bridge). The truck spun out, crashed through the rail­ings (first crash), and went head-first down to the street below (sec­ond crash). When we arrived, along with all of the oth­er stoney-faced neigh­bors and passers-by, it was clear that one pas­sen­ger was either already dead or near­ly dead. We could see his arm, but not his head, hang­ing out of the truck­’s white cab, which was smashed near­ly flat against 4th Avenue. The police and fire depart­ments had already arrived (even though it had been no more than 3 or 4 min­utes), and I also saw an offi­cial who I sus­pect­ed to be a per­son­al injury lawyer. The oth­er was cov­ered by a tarp and had not extri­cat­ed from the truck before we left and walked back home (a mere 500 feet away or so). I recalled from https://www.myinjuryattorney.com/pennsylvania/ that my per­son­al injury lawyer did­n’t live far away from where the acci­dent took place, and so, prompt­ly called him.

It’s been a vio­lent week in the South Granville area. Ear­li­er, on Mon­day at about 10PM, a police­man shot a chain-wield­ing guy who had already beat­en some­one else in the mid­dle of 16th Avenue and Granville. As safe and peace­ful we usu­al­ly find our city (and that has been the case for the major­i­ty of the two years we have lived here already), it def­i­nite­ly feels like there has been a strange spike in death and mayhem.

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  1. By the title of the post, I just knew you and Pam were in an acci­dent with the new car … Glad you’re both safe! Sor­ry for the truck dri­ver, though .…

  2. Scary and sad… when I read your head­line in Twit­ter I rushed to read your blog to make sure you were both ok…whew.… I wish every­one would slow down. Where we are on Pacif­ic there are so many close calls of col­lis­sions includ­ing with pedes­tri­ans. The descrip­tion of the arm hang­ing out of the cab iilus­trates the point.…slow down …all it can take is a slick spot and its all over. Lucky that they did­n’t hit any­one else.

  3. Sor­ry to give every­one a scare with that title. I should have real­ized that there would be the Twitter/Facebook echo of just the title.

    It was quite grotesque, and we were a bit sick after see­ing it, but I guess we also feel a lucky that as new dri­vers (at least here in BC) we haven’t been involved in any­thing, seri­ous or otherwise.

  4. The bridge was built in the 1950’s and some of the ramps have nasty turns which can be super slick after a rain­show­er, includ­ing that Hem­lock on-ramp.

  5. I was the pas­sen­ger in the truck. Just for the record we weren’t speed­ing. The truck hit an oily patch and start­ed to wiggle.

  6. Glad you could set the record straight. Geez, glad you’re alive! It looked like a hor­rif­ic acci­dent, and it’s hard to imag­ine that you made it out in one piece. My wife tried to find out fur­ther infor­ma­tion about the acci­dent and she is relieved to know you’re OK.

    I would have thought that you would­n’t have any mem­o­ry of such a trau­ma, but I guess you do. Hope you did­n’t suf­fer any per­ma­nent injury.

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