A Two Year Anniversary

While Pam and I have always cel­e­brat­ed our wed­ding anniver­sary in August (it will be 17 years, this year!), we also now cel­e­brate anoth­er anniver­sary today, which is the date we set­tled here in Van­cou­ver. Back in 2005 we arrived here with a bunch of suit­cas­es, an inflat­able mat­tress and blan­ket from Tar­get in Belle­vue and a cou­ple of lap­tops (includ­ing my ancient Tibook, not quite ready to retire).

It has­n’t been quite long enough for those first few weeks and months to take on the glow of ‘cher­ished mem­o­ries’, but they weren’t all that bad either. It did take an extra 3 or 4 months for our fur­ni­ture and oth­er belong­ings to final­ly make their way here from Boston (with quite a few bro­ken items), but we made do, camp­ing out in our near­ly emp­ty con­do and fur­nish­ing it for the sum­mer via a cou­ple trips to IKEA and Cana­di­an Tire.

This evening we took a walk along False Creek, just like we did reg­u­lar­ly in 2005. Some­times two years feels like a short time, and some­times it feels like a long time ago. So much has hap­pened, and so much as changed, that I’m think­ing it’s the long time ago feel­ing for me. No regrets, though (we both agreed).

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  1. Sev­en­teen years? An ear­ly con­grat­u­la­tions to the both of you! I hope to meet up with you guys again soon!

  2. Thanks Mak­taaq and Jonathon. Pam and I look at each oth­er and shake our heads when we say ‘Sev­en­teen Years.’ For a long time, we had T‑Shirts that we’d had longer than our mar­riage. Now, it’s tough to pro­duce any­thing that we’ve been with longer than each oth­er. Guess we have yet anoth­er rea­son besides the Olympics to have a big cel­e­bra­tion in 2010 (our 20th, that is).

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