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Close Despite the Distances

If any good can come of the theft of my wal­let, it’s that I was reminded of how many fam­ily and friends, spread across many time zones and a cou­ple con­ti­nents are there, car­ing what hap­pens, and offer­ing words of reas­sur­ance. It does make it easier.

Next week I’ll be trav­el­ing to Bal­ti­more to see my par­ents, and then up to Dublin, New Hamp­shire, for the 35th Reunion of The Walden School, an orga­ni­za­tion and group of peo­ple who I also feel close to, despite the phys­i­cal (and tem­po­ral) distances.

I’m very happy that despite the fact that I’ve moved around a lot in my life, I’ve man­aged to keep friend­ships and other close rela­tion­ships alive and active. I hope that will always be the case.


  1. Hi David, I just found your jour­nal and wanted to say, “long time no see/email,” but then read your entry about your stolen wal­let. I’m so sorry to hear about that, I hate when that hap­pens. It’s unfor­tu­nate these giant depart­ment stores don’t put more cam­eras around. That’s what their good at though, cut­ting costs even at the con­sumers expen­sive. Don’t worry though, karma will have it’s way with the thief sooner or later. I’m glad you’re doing well though. Please drop me an email if you have some time, I’d enjoy catch­ing up. Cheers. –jon

  2. Hi Jon!
    Glad to hear from you! I was just look­ing for your address the other day. Looks like the draw­ing you did way back for The Walden School is very pop­u­lar (see the alumni web site — http://www.handoverhand.org). There is a reunion this sum­mer and I’ll be able to tell them all of the tal­ented artist who whipped off that draw­ing many years ago!

    Looks like from your blog that you are in Japan. Please stay in touch — I have friends in that area who per­haps you could meet as well!

  3. Bal­ti­more huh? So stay aware from the Inner Har­bour and no crab cakes!

  4. Hey Cuz! We just had our credit card used fraud­u­lently, for over $5400 at the Boe­ing Store online (did you know there was a Boe­ing Store??????) so we had to get a new num­ber, change all the auto­matic charges, etc., etc. Real pain! But, there are many worse things that can hap­pen in life. We just got back from Belize where we swam with Whale Sharks, dol­phins, and sharks in the Blue Hole. Great trip!

  5. Gene — is that aware of or away from the Inner Har­bor? I used to go there when I returned from col­lege (it was never there when I was a kid– heh). Crab Cakes with Old Bay Sea­son­ing (and Chesa­peake Bay Crabs) are absolutely the order of the day for any visit to Ballmer! Wash it down with Nat­ibo (National Bohemian) for the traditionalists.

    Lynne — Wel­come back! I’m glad you got to swim with the sharks and see them first­hand. There is a doc­u­men­tary called Shark­wa­ter that’s mak­ing the rounds here (http://www.sharkwater.com)about how sharks aren’t the mon­sters of the deep that Mr. Bench­ley and oth­ers made them to be (so they could scare peo­ple and rack up the dol­lars, of course). Seems like some peo­ple — like the thieves that you and I have had to deal with lately — are the nas­tier ones.

  6. really sorry about your wal­let. what an unpleas­ant experience.

    didn’t know you’re a walden schooler. i had at one point seri­ously looked into study­ing there. maybe one day you can tell me a bit about your expe­ri­ence there …

    have a great trip!

  7. Hi Isabella — I’m not sure it’s the same Walden School that you were look­ing at. Was that per­haps Walden Uni­ver­sity? (http://www.waldenu.edu/ )

    I’m look­ing for­ward to this trip, although I don’t rel­ish the thought of my 6AM depar­ture time tomor­row morning.

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