Close Despite the Distances

If any good can come of the theft of my wal­let, it’s that I was remind­ed of how many fam­i­ly and friends, spread across many time zones and a cou­ple con­ti­nents are there, car­ing what hap­pens, and offer­ing words of reas­sur­ance. It does make it easier.

Next week I’ll be trav­el­ing to Bal­ti­more to see my par­ents, and then up to Dublin, New Hamp­shire, for the 35th Reunion of The Walden School, an orga­ni­za­tion and group of peo­ple who I also feel close to, despite the phys­i­cal (and tem­po­ral) distances.

I’m very hap­py that despite the fact that I’ve moved around a lot in my life, I’ve man­aged to keep friend­ships and oth­er close rela­tion­ships alive and active. I hope that will always be the case.

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  1. Hi David, I just found your jour­nal and want­ed to say, “long time no see/email,” but then read your entry about your stolen wal­let. I’m so sor­ry to hear about that, I hate when that hap­pens. It’s unfor­tu­nate these giant depart­ment stores don’t put more cam­eras around. That’s what their good at though, cut­ting costs even at the con­sumers expen­sive. Don’t wor­ry though, kar­ma will have it’s way with the thief soon­er or lat­er. I’m glad you’re doing well though. Please drop me an email if you have some time, I’d enjoy catch­ing up. Cheers. ‑jon

  2. Hi Jon!
    Glad to hear from you! I was just look­ing for your address the oth­er day. Looks like the draw­ing you did way back for The Walden School is very pop­u­lar (see the alum­ni web site — There is a reunion this sum­mer and I’ll be able to tell them all of the tal­ent­ed artist who whipped off that draw­ing many years ago!

    Looks like from your blog that you are in Japan. Please stay in touch — I have friends in that area who per­haps you could meet as well!

  3. Hey Cuz! We just had our cred­it card used fraud­u­lent­ly, for over $5400 at the Boe­ing Store online (did you know there was a Boe­ing Store??????) so we had to get a new num­ber, change all the auto­mat­ic charges, etc., etc. Real pain! But, there are many worse things that can hap­pen in life. We just got back from Belize where we swam with Whale Sharks, dol­phins, and sharks in the Blue Hole. Great trip!

  4. Gene — is that aware of or away from the Inner Har­bor? I used to go there when I returned from col­lege (it was nev­er there when I was a kid- heh). Crab Cakes with Old Bay Sea­son­ing (and Chesa­peake Bay Crabs) are absolute­ly the order of the day for any vis­it to Ballmer! Wash it down with Nat­i­bo (Nation­al Bohemi­an) for the traditionalists.

    Lynne — Wel­come back! I’m glad you got to swim with the sharks and see them first­hand. There is a doc­u­men­tary called Shark­wa­ter that’s mak­ing the rounds here ( how sharks aren’t the mon­sters of the deep that Mr. Bench­ley and oth­ers made them to be (so they could scare peo­ple and rack up the dol­lars, of course). Seems like some peo­ple — like the thieves that you and I have had to deal with late­ly — are the nas­ti­er ones.

  5. real­ly sor­ry about your wal­let. what an unpleas­ant experience. 

    did­n’t know you’re a walden school­er. i had at one point seri­ous­ly looked into study­ing there. maybe one day you can tell me a bit about your expe­ri­ence there …

    have a great trip!

  6. Hi Isabel­la — I’m not sure it’s the same Walden School that you were look­ing at. Was that per­haps Walden Uni­ver­si­ty? ( )

    I’m look­ing for­ward to this trip, although I don’t rel­ish the thought of my 6AM depar­ture time tomor­row morning.

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