Petty Theft

I should have been more on guard. I should have handed my wallet to Pam, who was outside the dressing room. Instead, all it took was less than 4 seconds, while I shifted attention to her, modeling the shorts I was thinking of purchasing, for some guy to dive into the dressing room, rifle through my jeans, and grab it.

I realized the theft of my wallet in almost as short a time, but it was already too late. The guy (and I know it was a guy, as it was the men’s Fitting Room area) was already long gone. There were no witnesses, of course. So, we hurried back home, where I:

  1. Called my bank to cancel all of my credit cards that I had with them as well as my ATM card
  2. Called the Vancouver Police Department, where I reported the theft and got a case number
  3. Called the bank back and told them the case number. They needed this because apparently the thief had enough time to pay for parking with one of the cards before we canceled it.
  4. Called the other credit card companies with my card information. This included 2 other companies.
  5. Filled out a replacement form for my Health Care Card (with a cheque for $20)
  6. Meanwhile, Pam contacted the Building Super, and had my door access card deactivated.

There will be more to do in the coming days. I can get a temporary ATM card at the bank on Monday, and another $17 will pay for a replacement driver’s license. There was about $50 cash in the wallet, which is fairly typical, and that will be a total loss. I’ll also have to pay for the replacement access card for home. Also a bunch of other minor annoyances: A library card I’ll have to get replaced, a card for OneZero Sushi on Pender that I had about 5 stamps in. A Starbucks card with about $5.00 left on it.

All in all, I figure I’ll have lost about $100-150 from this crime. Not to mention getting a sour stomach and a ruined day.

One last metric that I learned from the experience: my case number at the Vancouver Police was 07- followed by a 6 digit number that began 1105. I asked the woman taking my information, and yes, there were some 110,500+ crimes (small, big, or whatever else there can be in between) that were reported (not sure if it was Vancouver only, or outlying areas as well) since New Year’s Day of 2007. Makes you think.

Don’t know whether I’ll go back to Sears or not any time soon. This has certainly made me distrust their security setup.

Update: The guy used $7.85 on the Starbucks card, but I just caught it and cancelled it with $5 left on in my account. Take that, you dirt-bag!