Petty Theft

I should have been more on guard. I should have hand­ed my wal­let to Pam, who was out­side the dress­ing room. Instead, all it took was less than 4 sec­onds, while I shift­ed atten­tion to her, mod­el­ing the shorts I was think­ing of pur­chas­ing, for some guy to dive into the dress­ing room, rifle through my jeans, and grab it.

I real­ized the theft of my wal­let in almost as short a time, but it was already too late. The guy (and I know it was a guy, as it was the men’s Fit­ting Room area) was already long gone. There were no wit­ness­es, of course. So, we hur­ried back home, where I:

  1. Called my bank to can­cel all of my cred­it cards that I had with them as well as my ATM card
  2. Called the Van­cou­ver Police Depart­ment, where I report­ed the theft and got a case num­ber
  3. Called the bank back and told them the case num­ber. They need­ed this because appar­ent­ly the thief had enough time to pay for park­ing with one of the cards before we can­celed it.
  4. Called the oth­er cred­it card com­pa­nies with my card infor­ma­tion. This includ­ed 2 oth­er com­pa­nies.
  5. Filled out a replace­ment form for my Health Care Card (with a cheque for $20)
  6. Mean­while, Pam con­tact­ed the Build­ing Super, and had my door access card deac­ti­vat­ed.

There will be more to do in the com­ing days. I can get a tem­po­rary ATM card at the bank on Mon­day, and anoth­er $17 will pay for a replace­ment driver’s license. There was about $50 cash in the wal­let, which is fair­ly typ­i­cal, and that will be a total loss. I’ll also have to pay for the replace­ment access card for home. Also a bunch of oth­er minor annoy­ances: A library card I’ll have to get replaced, a card for OneZe­ro Sushi on Pen­der that I had about 5 stamps in. A Star­bucks card with about $5.00 left on it.

All in all, I fig­ure I’ll have lost about $100–150 from this crime. Not to men­tion get­ting a sour stom­ach and a ruined day.

One last met­ric that I learned from the expe­ri­ence: my case num­ber at the Van­cou­ver Police was 07- fol­lowed by a 6 dig­it num­ber that began 1105. I asked the woman tak­ing my infor­ma­tion, and yes, there were some 110,500+ crimes (small, big, or what­ev­er else there can be in between) that were report­ed (not sure if it was Van­cou­ver only, or out­ly­ing areas as well) since New Year’s Day of 2007. Makes you think.

Don’t know whether I’ll go back to Sears or not any time soon. This has cer­tain­ly made me dis­trust their secu­ri­ty set­up.

Update: The guy used $7.85 on the Star­bucks card, but I just caught it and can­celled it with $5 left on in my account. Take that, you dirt-bag!