Some Words to Remember him by

Jer­ry Fal­well deliv­ered these words a few days after Sep­tem­ber 11, 2001:

“I real­ly believe that the pagans and the abor­tion­ists and the fem­i­nists and the gays and the les­bians, who are active­ly try­ing to make that an alter­na­tive lifestyle, the ACLU, Peo­ple for the Amer­i­can Way — all of them who try to sec­u­lar­ize Amer­i­ca — I point the fin­ger in their face and say, ‘You helped this happen.’ ” 

The fun­da­men­tal­ist Chris­t­ian Tel­e­van­ge­list, and spokesman of the iron­i­cal­ly named ‘Moral Major­i­ty’ died today at the age of 73.

I imag­ine that the world may be just a few ounces lighter in hate today.

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  1. Yes, and I seem to recall him blam­ing Hur­ri­cane Kat­ri­na on the debauch­ery of the New Orleans gay community.

    Good rid­dance .…

  2. I tried to locate a ref­er­ence to Fal­well blam­ing Kat­ri­na on the gay Com­mu­ni­ty in New Orleans, but ( lists a cou­ple of groups, includ­ing the Rev­erend Fred Phelps of the West­boro Bap­tist Church and an evan­gel­i­cal group called ‘Repent Amer­i­ca’, but not Fal­well for that bit of filth. Accord­ing to Reli­gious ( Fal­well, ‘was silent this time’ after the wide­spread con­dem­na­tions he received for his 9/11 pronouncement.

    I just found out that he spoke those words on Sep­tem­ber 13th, which, unfor­tu­nate­ly is also my birthday.

  3. and the bud­dhist in me says, may he, too, rest in peace. even though he spread pain and divi­sive­ness, even though he was, sup­pos­ed­ly, one of the most impor­tant peo­ple to make rea­gan and the two bush­es hap­pen — he is/was still my brother.

    my feel­ings around writ­ing this are ambigu­ous. on the one hand, i tru­ly believe in the con­cept of sister/brotherhood of all human­i­ty. on the oth­er, i can­not find warmth in my heart for this man. yes, i do wish him peace. i real­ly do. but it is not a warm wish.

  4. Not being reli­gious and active­ly liv­ing a ‘sec­u­lar lifestyle’ (and in fact, the very kind of per­son he point­ed his fin­ger at), I don’t wish him any­thing because he is sim­ply gone, and good riddance.

    As for the line of think­ing of Ter­en­tius (190 — 160BC) that says ‘Homo sum: humani nil a me alienum puto’ (I’m human: Noth­ing human is alien to me), the best I can muster is a sort of pity for how sick and twist­ed he was, but noth­ing more.

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