Social Butterflying

Last night was the Blog­ger Meet­up, and despite the Canucks game going on (a few kept in touch via wire­less), we man­aged to talk about oth­er things besides hock­ey. This time, Isabel­la was able to make it, and did some play-by-play Twit­ter of the group to Robert San­za­lone, a fel­low Van­cou­ver blog­ger now liv­ing in Japan. Jan post­ed a list of every­one who was there with links to their blog, and John (along with Jan) took some snap­shots (I wish my mouth had­n’t been full of Chori­zo (spicy, and now, at least I know how to pro­nounce it properly).

Tonight, it’s VanUE. The only prob­lems with all of these nights out is that I’m away from Pam a lot (and she’ll be gone for near­ly 3 weeks start­ing next week!), and con­sum­ing more beer (bad for the waist­line). Good thing I got my tax­es done, so that’s not keep­ing me from net­work­ing. They say that when you’re a job seek­er, this is an impor­tant activ­i­ty, and at least this one is easy com­pared to some of the oth­er things you have to do (rewrit­ing and rewrit­ing resumé, research­ing com­pa­nies, prepar­ing for inter­views etc.)

Oh well, out into the rain again!

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  1. NetChick, you were sore­ly missed.

    Sor­ry about the mis­spelling, Mr. San­za­lone — a slip of the finger/brain. As far as I know, you were the only twitterator.

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