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The 2007 Vancouver Sun Run in full swing
Even though it was a Sun­day and even though I did­n’t get enough sleep the night before (When will I ever learn?!), we did get up fair­ly ear­ly, and a lit­tle after 9:15 I went down to the edge the near­by park that’s just above 4th Avenue. Sure enough, the steel band was play­ing and a few run­ners had already run by. The Van­cou­ver 2007 Sun Run was under way!
While I’m sure there are many here who can offer com­ments and/or crit­i­cism of this annu­al event, I have a some­what unique per­spec­tive as some­one who has had a lot his­to­ry — as a spec­ta­tor — at anoth­er annu­al run, The Boston Marathon (which takes place, today, back in the city that I left when we moved here).

I think it might be good to lay out my com­par­isons on the table, or rather, in a table:

Boston Marathon Van­cou­ver Sun Run
Pro­fes­sion­al, World-Famous & Seri­ous Ath­let­ic Event, start­ed in 1897, based on the Olympic Marathon of the pre­vi­ous year Ama­teur, Com­mu­ni­ty Event but one of the largest Com­mu­ni­ty Runs in North Amer­i­ca, last record­ed one was 1985
26.2 miles (just over 40K) — From Hop­kin­ton, Mass­a­chu­setts to Down­town Boston 10K (or 6.21 miles) — From West Geor­gia between Thur­low Street and Sey­mour Street to Pacif­ic Boule­vard near the BC Place Sta­di­um
Entry Fee: $95 USD  Entry Fee: $35 CAD (Reg­u­lar, $30 for Ear­ly Bird)
Prize: $575,000 (dis­trib­uted amongst the winners) Prize: Well, none for the win­ners, but every entrant does get a nice T‑Shirt by local artist, Tiko Kerr.
Num­ber of Par­tic­i­pants: 22,500 (qual­i­fied, and some oth­ers just run with them) Num­ber of Par­tic­i­pants: 54,000 (a new record this year)

As you can see, there are a lot of dif­fer­ences. In the end, I like both events, and have even giv­en thought (because 10k is a lot more rea­son­able sound­ing than 40k) to per­haps run­ning in the Sun Run next year. Or maybe, walk­ing (or as it’s called ‘strid­ing’). But don’t hold me to it.

Update: I fear that this year’s Marathon will be over­shad­owed in the news by the ter­ri­ble shoot­ings at Vir­ginia Tech. I’m just too shocked to com­ment now, oth­er than to express my hor­ror, and sym­pa­thy for so many peo­ple who have lost so many loved-ones to sense­less vio­lence this April morning.

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  1. And it was a per­fect day for the Sun Run, was­n’t it, David?

    There was a bag­pipe band play­ing at Davie @ Beach Ave. — Quite a fes­tive morning .…

  2. Oh, that’s right, Bob. Despite some clouds in the morn­ing, as the race went on it got sun­nier and sun­nier (ath­let­ic kar­ma, I guess). Unfor­tu­nate­ly, my cam­er­a’s bat­ter­ies gave out before the race did. The shots up on Flickr are a small frac­tion of the many shots I took (and most, I threw out; it’s hard to shoot peo­ple run­ning! The one that accom­pa­nies this post was near­ly the last one (and I seemed to get bet­ter shots as the day went by). Gee, if I’d brought a spare set of bat­ter­ies and more mem­o­ry, I could have real­ly got­ten some good shots!

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