More Livable for Ducks

A short while ago, Van­cou­ver was once again named one of the most liv­able cities in the world (It came in third, behind Gene­va and Zurich, and tied with Vien­na, out of 215, just like last time).

And once again, it’s rain­ing like crazy.

It remind­ed me of a Mer­cer Report video that MJ (Urban­ista) also point­ed to:

For read­ers not in Cana­da, The Mer­cer Report is a is a com­e­dy show seen through­out Cana­da which, like Com­e­dy Cen­tral’s The Dai­ly Show, sat­i­rizes News Shows, etc.

Yes, it is liv­able here in Van­cou­ver, and this week I’ve been able to enjoy a bit more of it . I had a tasty piz­za-for-one by the fire for lunch with a col­league down by Coal Har­bour at The Mill, a spir­it­ed farewell par­ty for anoth­er co-work­er at 6 Acres in Gas­town a decent Viet­namese din­ner with Pam, last night, down­town (too new to have a list­ing or web site), and that’s not even count­ing last week’s out­ing at the Van­Dusen Gar­dens. Tonight, we will hope­ful­ly catch some more of our Canucks’ win­ning ways (the last game was their looongest ever, but they still came out on top!)

Still, some­times I think some of those scenes in the video are not that far off.

On the oth­er hand, I’m not too upset about Toron­to-based Mer­cer kid­ding us about our high real estate prices and heavy rain­fall. It’s just as well the ‘Most Liv­able’ moniker did­n’t encour­age too many more to move here and spoil it all. So let’s not try to talk them out of these car­i­ca­tures, shall we?

5 Replies to “More Livable for Ducks”

  1. Ahhh…but there lies the rub.…because a morn­ing like this morn­ing ( the day after your post) makes up for it. Beau­ti­ful sun­shine, walk­ing along Jeri­cho Beach all the way to Span­ish Banks, was how I spent the am. Before I moved to Van­cou­ver all I ever heard about was the rain, nev­er the glo­ri­ous weath­er that fol­lows it. It’s my belief that it is a rain­screen (pun intend­ed) by those liv­ing here.

  2. Right you are, MJ. We went out to do some shop­ping and oth­er errands, got about 200 feet from the door and the whole panora­ma took our breath away. Rain­screen is a good name for it. Let them con­tin­ue to over­look days like this one.

    BTW, thanks for locat­ing that YouTube video. As you can tell, it was the inspi­ra­tion for the whole post.

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