Easter Weekend

Stone Arch at the VanDusen Botanical Garden
Ruddy Red RhododendronsVanDusen Meadow

Since Pam had Fri­day off (which makes it Good indeed, in my book, at least), we took a lit­tle trip some 25 blocks or so south of us to the Van­Dusen Botan­i­cal Gar­den, where we met up with Bob, whose com­ments can be found on this blog, and his post­ings on Mov­ing to Van­cou­ver. It was a beau­ti­ful day, and warm enough to take our jack­ets off while we all snapped pic­tures of the sur­pris­ing­ly peace­ful refuge in the midst of the city (or at least, one of it’s clos­er res­i­den­tial areas). By the time we had walked through most of it, I was starv­ing, so we had a big lunch at the Mem­phis Grill (Pulled-Pork sand­wich­es, cole slaw, beans and beer — Mmm, Tasty!)
The rest of the week­end was fair­ly unevent­ful. We went to one of MJ Anken­man’s Open Hous­es (a very sophis­ti­cat­ed con­do that had a nice view, and an even bet­ter loca­tion: near Smithe and Thur­low, 13th floor). Pam did some shop­ping and we both did some oth­er errands. As the week­end pro­gressed, the weath­er got dark­er, wet­ter and cold­er, but those few hours spent in the sun­shine on Fri­day made all of the difference.
In the mean­time, we were cheered that the Canucks clinched their divi­sion by beat­ing the San Jose Sharks, so they’ll be in the play­offs. Is it pos­si­ble to imag­ine a Stan­ley Cup in this city again? And not a repli­ca either, which their web site shows you how to make…

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  1. David I don’t know if it is pos­si­ble to imag­ine a Stan­ley Cup here again. Last time Van­cou­ver won it was in 1914–15. But of course you knew that.

  2. Glad you liked that shot, Bob. Keep us up to date on your progress, although I’ll be able to check your blog as well.

    Gene, the Red Sox had not won the World Series since that peri­od, and did so while we lived there (near the end of our sojourn, to be sure, but they did do it). So I can hope with­out it being a crazy dream.

    Actu­al­ly, it’s inter­est­ing that with that long a drought, you don’t hear of a ‘curse’ on the team the way peo­ple went on and on about one in Boston. Appar­ent­ly, trad­ing Babe Ruth to the Yan­kees is the same as break­ing a mir­ror or walk­ing under a lad­der, etc.

    I just chock it up to the usu­al US dis­trust of log­ic and belief in mag­ic and oth­er non-sci­en­tif­ic explanations.

  3. Isabel­la — We can’t claim Ivan as our kit­ty. He belongs to Matt Mus­sel­man. We’ve done the occa­sion­al cat sit, and Ivan is a cute and lov­able pet. He’s a big, fat cat who thinks he’s a thin, small cat. The result is that if you sit down on a sofa, he’ll jump up on your lap and plant him­self there, even though he weighs a ton! He can move fast, though, and even seems to like it when Matt mas­sages his back pret­ty roughly.

  4. Those are real­ly great pho­tos. I’d for­got­ten how beau­ti­ful the Van Dusen Gar­den was. Thanks for remind­ing me. I’ll have to stop by there again on a sun­nier day.

  5. Hi Jonathon — Thanks for the link. I get the impres­sion that the Van­Dusen is per­haps tak­en for grant­ed by a lot of peo­ple, hav­ing not made the top list of local attrac­tions. I sup­pose it’s the fact that Van­cou­ver has so many beau­ti­ful parks and gar­dens that Van­Dusen, which would be a cen­ter­piece for some most oth­er cities, does­n’t get the same attention.

  6. Glad you got such good respons­es on this post, David. I’m glad to have been able to share it with you and Pam. Since it was my first time at Van­Dusen, it’s reas­sur­ing to see that oth­ers are as impressed with it as we were .…

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