Welcome to April!

I had my first moment of ‘Oh, right, it’s that day again’ this morn­ing when I fol­lowed Tod Maffin’s link to CBC’s new Radio 4.

In the spir­it of the day, I want to come clean with some­thing from my past. With all of the hoopla about the Choco­late Jesus Exhib­it being can­celled, my par­ents remind­ed me of the fact that at my Bar Mitz­vah, we did indeed have a (*gasp*) Chopped Liv­er But­ter­fly. While this was not a bust of Moses, I believe that’s because the only artist who did that only worked in Hal­vah. *rim-shot*

Hon­est­ly, my Catholic friends, would­n’t using choco­late wafers for Com­mu­nion be a lot bet­ter than those wafers? Nev­er mind the prob­lem of find­ing a wine to go with it (I’ve seen some books claim that there is, in fact, no wine that will go with chocolate).

If there are those who are offend­ed by my even men­tion­ing this sub­ject, may I have a lit­tle lat­i­tude, giv­en the date?

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