Best Company Video Ever

I nev­er had much respect for Kodak, espe­cial­ly when I lived in their com­pa­ny town of Rochester, NY (in fact, I used to say that the rea­son they locat­ed there was sim­ply the fact that the city is so dark that it’s the one place in the US where you can devel­op film outdoors).

How­ev­er, I have to admit, this video done for employ­ees absolute­ly blew me away:

Turn the Schmaltz up to 11! Genius!

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  1. Hi Bob -
    I found it on Engad­get ( I must con­fess that I still love to scour the net for sto­ries about more new toys.

    Turns out the Wall Street Jour­nal dis­cov­ered this one quite a while back, and when they also laud­ed it, the actor who played the Spokesman guy chimed in that he was glad they liked it:

  2. If you want to take your inspi­ra­tion to the next lev­el, Kodak has offices in Burn­a­by. I think they do some soft­ware in con­nec­tion with high-end col­or print­ing equip­ment. I know some­body who works there (a soft­ware guy), and I can ask for more infor­ma­tion if you’d like.

  3. That’s the orig­i­nal Creo, right Jan? It might be worth talk­ing to them; one nev­er knows. Thanks.

    Yeah, I know, Johan. Very Amer­i­can indeed. At least it laughs at itself for being that way (I think…)

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