Home, Sweet (but Cold) Home

The trip back to Van­cou­ver was unevent­ful, and I real­ly like the ser­vice by Qan­tus. A smooth take-off and land­ing by a 747, in-seat enter­tain­ment (I saw Borat — first half going down, sec­ond half com­ing back), and even on a 1 hour and 50 minute flight, a hot meal. It’s a pity that this afford­able and com­fort­able flight is only offered dur­ing Aus­trali­a’s sum­mer months, but I’ll cer­tain­ly take it again if the oppor­tu­ni­ty aris­es. The arrival at Van­cou­ver air­port was smooth and had no prob­lems. The Immi­gra­tion offi­cer asked about my per­ma­nent res­i­den­cy ID card, but when he saw the date of my paper­work, he waved me through with no fur­ther questions.

I arrived home from sun­ny San Fran­cis­co (and aver­age days of 15–18° C) to tem­per­a­tures well below freez­ing. We’ve final­ly turned on our gas fire as well as the elec­tric base­board heater in our bed­room. We don’t need much heat here (it’s a small place and only one set of win­dows), but it’s def­i­nite­ly need­ed this week. The small pond out back where our Koi swim has pret­ty much frozen over again, and I hope they sur­vive anoth­er bout of ice over their heads.

I hear from fam­i­ly and friends back East that their win­ter has con­tin­ued to be freak­ish­ly warm. I’ve always known that our tem­per­a­ture falls when the skies clear, and aside from a bit of snow and rain on Mon­day or Tues­day, it looks like we’ll be clear and cold for the rest of the week, with highs in the low­er sin­gle digits.

Respond­ing to the cold weath­er, I’m mak­ing ‘com­fort food’ tonight: meat­loaf and mush­room sauce, along with cau­li­flower au gratin (real­ly, puréed cau­li­flower mixed with a lit­tle but­ter, cream, salt and pep­per and topped with shred­ded Parme­san cheese and run under the broil­er for a few minutes).

It’s fun to go to Mac­world, but it’s also nice to return home, even if it’s a lit­tle cold­er than I’d like (and odd­ly enough, Cam­bridge would have been warmer to return to this year).

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  1. G’day David,

    All my arrivals in Van­cou­ver have been pret­ty good too. (That’s one out of one, so far.)

    Just by the way, it’s spelt QANTAS. It stands for Queens­land And North­ern Ter­ri­to­ry Aer­i­al Ser­vice. (Anoth­er com­mon mis­spelling is to put a “U” after the “Q”.)

    I don’t mind fly­ing the red kan­ga­roo myself. In fact, I’ll be doing it to New York in April, then vis­it­ing Wash­ing­ton, Toron­to and Mon­tre­al in May. Unfor­tu­nate­ly not Van­cou­ver, this time. That will be next year.

    Mmmm…meatloaf! *Homer Simp­son-esque drool/gargle sound*

  2. I was so intent on leav­ing out the first ‘U’ that one crept in by the end! Thanks for expla­na­tion of the acronym. Hope­ful­ly that will remind me how to spell it in the future.

    The meat­loaf turned out well. I usu­al­ly do it with a ketchup, brown sug­ar and vine­gar sauce, but this time decid­ed that a mush­room Sal­is­bury Steak style might do bet­ter. It hit the spot. Per­haps I should post the recipe (which is in one of the ‘Cooks Illus­trat­ed’ cookbooks…)

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