And from the Show floor…

Just for fun, I’m mak­ing use of the Microsoft blog­ger lounge, and they have pro­vid­ed me with a shiny iMac, as well as var­i­ous fizzy bev­er­ages. To my right is the Adobe pavil­ion, where I just saw a demon­stra­tion by Rus­sell Brown (an Adobe guru) of some of the new tools for refin­ing selec­tions that they’ve sent to reg­is­tered users of CS2 (so I guess some­thing is wait­ing for me when I get home).

A lit­tle fur­ther off to the right is the enor­mous Apple booth. Actu­al­ly, booth is the wrong word. It’s more like the size of a small air­port ter­mi­nal. They’ve been run­ning demon­stra­tions of AppleTV, iLife, Leop­ard (the next ver­sion of OS X) and of course, the iPhone round the clock.

I’d be insert­ing links to every one of these things, but I don’t have the time. While no one was look­ing, I installed Fire­fox.. (Sur­pris­ing­ly, the machine seemed wide open — I don’t know if this was a bit of friend­ly flex­i­bil­i­ty, or a lax secu­ri­ty pol­i­cy.) At any rate, it’s installed, and I’ve placed it per­ma­nent­ly in this Mac’s dock.

This is my last day at the show, and I’ve met up with a few friends, but not as many as I’d hoped. The fact is, there are so many peo­ple here, that the days of sim­ply hang­ing out on the show floor in the aisles no longer guar­an­tees that you’ll bump into an old friend or acquain­tance. As Mac mar­ket­share goes up, the num­ber of peo­ple that I know with­in that mar­ket goes down. I should have pre­dict­ed that.

OK, I’ve heard the movie that iPod Screen Replace­ment booth to the left that includes shat­ter­ing glass too many times. Time to end this here. I’ll either wrap up at the hotel tonight or back home.